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  • A Dietitian’s Diary

    A Dietitian

    Author: Denise Olejarczyk

    A Dietitian’s Diary: Finding a Healthy Balance is a blog that allows me to analyze the struggles we face as a society to live healthier lifestyles. There are many factors that may effect our physical, emotional, and spiritual balance and may contribute to our value of nutrition.

  • A Dietitian’s Kitchen

    A Dietitian

    Author: Edie Shaw-Ewald

    My blog is a photo tutorial of healthy, primarily local and seasonal, often vegetarian, always delicious recipes. As a private practice dietitian, I love to show clients how to cook real food!

  • A Filipino Foodie

    A Filipino Foodie

    Author: Sheena Gregg

    A Filipino Foodie unites nutrition experts and food lovers. Dietitian Sheena Q. Gregg recognizes that we eat for two reasons: 1) to nourish our bodies, and 2) sometimes just out of pure pleasure and enjoyment. This blog shares tips & tricks on everyday healthy eating, & recipes.

  • A Girl and Her Carrot

    A Girl and Her Carrot

    Author: Jennifer Vagios

    A Dietitian & yoga teacher empowering others to find balance in their life via a candid approach to all things healthy living. Expect recipes, healthy tips and sound nutrition info. Eat real food, cook even a little, laugh, exercise and do yoga.

  • A Healthier Michigan

    A Healthier Michigan

    Author: Grace Derocha

    Our mission is to help everyone in Michigan get healthier from the inside out. This means everything from giving you resources to help you make better decisions about diet and exercise, as well as information on creating and sustaining nurturing communities and successful businesses — everything you need to help create a healthier Michigan.

  • A Healthy Recipe for every meal.

    A Healthy Recipe for every meal.

    Author: Helen Agresti

    Start Living Healthy with Nutritious and Delicious recipes from Helen Agresti R.D. Helen is a mother of 5 active children. Her recipes are designed to be easy, healthy, and delicious for all ages!

  • A Light Perspective

    A Light Perspective

    Author: Bahee Manickavasagar

    Want free evidence based nutrition advice? You’ve got it! Visit for winning advice on weight loss, inspiration for exercise, healthy eating, sports nutrition and recipe ideas for wheat, gluten, milk, egg, soy free and vegetarian meals. Join me now!

  • A Little Nutrition

    A Little Nutrition

    Author: Susan Watson

    Using real food to manage weight and wellness. Susan creates or revises recipes to make them taste great, and be healthy.

  • A Market Basket of Nutrition Services

    A Market Basket of Nutrition Services

    Author: Cindy Silver

    I encourage everyone to keep it simple ~ keep it nutritious as they plan, shop for and cook at home. My simple, friendly, educational blog features tips, food shopping secrets & really easy recipes. Fun in the kitchen!

  • A Meal in a Glass

    A Meal in a Glass

    Author: Angie Frost

    I write about what I know: Nutrition, Food, Travel and Fun!! I am a Registered Dietitian and I have the best job in the world as a Nutrition Educator for a local school corporation. I get to teach kids to make healthy food and lifestyle choices!

  • A Nutritious Dish…In a Matter of MInutes!

    A Nutritious Dish...In a Matter of MInutes!

    Author: Jennifer Wood

    This blog combines the food and nutrition talents of our family along with our love of great-tasting food. Here you will find quick & easy recipes to feed your family right and nutrition news flashes to keep you up-to-date with the latest in nutrition research.

  • A Recipe for Life

    A Recipe for Life

    Author: Susan Dopart

    A Recipe for Life blog is wisdom for a nutritious life with a focus on how to prevent and treat medical problems such as insulin resistance, diabetes, cancer and inflammatory processes in the body with reasonable lifestyle solutions.

  • A Slice of Nutrition

    A Slice of Nutrition

    Author: Avital Greenbaum

    A Blog that gives out sound nutritional advice and tips for the average person.  This RD has a passion for teaching others how to live a nutritious lifestyle!

  • A Weight Lifted

    A Weight Lifted

    Authors: Marsha Hudnall, Robyn Priebe

    A Weight Lifted, reflects the freedom that women say they gain when they let go of the burden of diets and the diet mentality.

  • Abby Langer Nutrition

    Abby Langer Nutrition

    Author: Abby Langer

    My blog contains posts of my takes on the latest and greatest nutrition trends, foods, and news, presented in an entertaining and smart narrative.

  • ABCD Eat Right

    ABCD Eat Right

    Author: Brandi Thompson

    ABCD Eat Right was started to help parents and schools with childhood nutrition information. Although this blog hasn’t been going for 3 months I have started other blogs. My business has been active for over a year.

  • Abrea Nutrition

    Abrea Nutrition

    Author: Liz Van Wieren

    A blog about food and nutrition by a registered dietitian who loves to help others learn to eat in balance and moderation.

  • Ace Your Diet

    Ace Your Diet

    Author: Erin Spitzberg

    Erin Spitzberg has spent nearly two decades dedicating her time to providing clients with the appropriate nutritional guidance. Her goal is to motivate people to make better food choices by providing “real life” meal plans and realistic lifestyle modifications.

  • Active Conscious Health

    Active Conscious Health

    Author: Sophie Taylor

    Articles on current health trends in nutrition, exercise and general wellbeing, plus tasty healthy recipes from Melbourne based Sports Dietitian, Holistic Nutritionist and registered Yoga Teacher Sophie C. Taylor.

  • Against The Grain

    Against The Grain

    Author: Laura Watts

    I am an RD for the WIC program.I love the science of nutrition and am constantly researching to stay up to date in this ever changing field. After a year of research I finally dove in to my new paleo lifestyle and I’m enjoying sharing this my journey

  • Alexia Lewis RD

    Alexia Lewis RD

    Author: Alexia Lewis

    Nutrition Made Easy! Alexia’s goal is to make sense of confusing nutrition information and separate fact from fiction or the latest fad. The blog is focused on food – pictures, recipes, and concepts and ways to help you make small changes that can have a big impact on your health

  • Alixandr Fenton, RDN

    Alixandr Fenton, RDN

    Author: Alixandra Fenton

    I started this page to share my passion for food, nutrition, and wellness. If you’re looking for a new “diet” or list of “do’s” and “don’ts” you won’t find it here! I’m here to help you get back to the basics about food and nutrition while debunking myths and misinformation in

  • All Spice and Yum

    All Spice and Yum

    Author: Laura Yautz

    All Spice and Yum is a blog mainly featuring healthy recipes I have developed myself and my culinary adventures in Pittsburgh. I aim to inspire others to live a healthier life by sharing recipes that are realistic and relatively easy to make; perfect for today’s busy lifestyle!

  • Allison Tannenbaum, Nutrition4Life

    Allison Tannenbaum, Nutrition4Life

    Author: Allison Tannenbaum

    A blog about healthy eating and healthy living, and all things nutrition!

  • AM Dietetics

    AM Dietetics

    Author: Anne Myers-Wright

    Are you hungry for more information about good nutrition? Do you want to keep up to date with the most current and scientifically accurate trends in a world filled with conflicting advice? Sometimes the demands of life can make it difficult to ensure that you maintain a well-balanced and nutritious diet. It’s so important to try to eat as well as you can. Good, nutritious food is the foundation that nourishes your body and your mind. Imagine feeling confident, clear of mind, full of energy and “fighting-fit”. Imagine knowing you have done everything you can to reduce the risk of you or your family falling prey to the chronic diseases so prevalent in the modern world. This is what good nutrition can do for you. If you are looking for a special diet or simply want to ensure your diet is the best it can be, I can help you. If you are after honest, simple nutrition information, designed for those who are passionate about food and healthy eating, then you have come to the right place.

  • America’s Nutrition Expert


    Author: Mitzi Dulan

    My passion is to help other people get healthy, lose weight and perform their best.  My philosophy is to eat clean, real foods and allow indulgences for your favorites. I think food should be fun, fresh and flavorful!

  • Amrie Weiss, RD

    Amrie Weiss, RD

    Author: Amrie Weiss

    Amrie’s blog explores kitchen and cooking tips, fruits and vegetables, gluten-free foods, recipes, and nutrition information.

  • Amy McArthur Nutrition

    Amy McArthur Nutrition

    Author: Amy McArthur

    The blog at focuses on weight management and healthy eating for busy families.  It is meant to offer tips, strategies and tools for living a healthy and active lifestyle while managing a hectic daily schedule.

  • Amy’s Wellness Advice


    Author: Amy Jamieson-Petonic

    Amy’s conversational blog helps individuals and corporations find ways to meet their nutritional needs for healthy living, wellness and performance. Amy’s real life tips as a professional and mom will engage you to live a healthier lifestyle!

  • An Avocado A Day

    An Avocado A Day

    Author: Rachael Hartley

    An Avocado a Day is a dietitian’s guide to dining well. I believe the key to living a healthy, balanced lifestyle is truly loving every bite of food you put in your mouth. On my blog, you’ll unprocessed, plant based recipes that never sacrifice taste.

  • An unlikely dietitian

    An unlikely dietitian

    Author: Amanda Rusch

    Join me as I explore the complicated world of food and self-love and balance and health. We’re going to talk about nutrition and science, share amazing recipes, offer personal experiences, cover recent research, overcome psychological obstacles and have fun in this crazy field!

  • Angie’s Appetite for Life


    Author: Anita Mirchandani

    My blog is a compilation of all my work related to my knowledge and expertise in the health and fitness space. I am passionate about educating in this space and my content stems from evaluating research, expanding upon trends, and just informative content.

  • Anna B Nutrition

    Anna B Nutrition

    Author: Anna Bruckmann

    My blog features healthy recipes, information on nutrition and exercise, and stories about family and friends. I also have a weekly post on oncology nutrition.

  • Annie B, Kay

    Annie B, Kay

    Author: Annie Kay

    What fuels your life force? We all want to be happy and healthy. But our culture collides with our biology, too often triggering weight gain and health issues. An honest exploration of the science and art of integrative living with a dietitian, yogini, author and energy healer.

  • AntiStressDiet Stress Sweat

    AntiStressDiet Stress Sweat

    Author: Lisa Dorfman

    Performance Nutritionist & Psychotherapist Lisa Dorfman offers simple, practical tips for dealing, healing & preparing for many different stressful situations. Blog includes stress-fighting recipes, plans, tips, and real-life “how-to’s” to help heal your stress, body, & soul!

  • Appetite for Health

    Appetite for Health

    Author: Julie Upton

    As registered dietitians (RDs), everyone wants to know what we eat, our favorite new foods or how we eat right when we’re traveling or eating out. Here, we’ll share with you – bite for bite – how we strive to eat healthier in the real world of food.

  • Appetite for Health

    Appetite for Health

    Author: Katherine Brooking

    As registered dietitians (RDs), everyone wants to know what we eat, our favorite new foods or how we eat right when we’re traveling or eating out. Here, we’ll share with you – bite for bite – how we strive to eat healthier in the real world of food.

  • Appetite for Life: Secrets of a Dietitian

    Appetite for Life: Secrets of a Dietitian

    Author: Michelle Smith

    There’s information for everyone in this blog, people looking to eat healthfully, shop on a budget, learn about new food laws, or just get more information about a particular nutrient.

  • Apple A Day Nutrition

    Apple A Day Nutrition

    Author: Heidi McIndoo

    A Mom, a foodie, and a dietitian all rolled into one. Here I share my common sense thoughts, opinions, ideas, and more about raising healthy kids, eating nutritiously, and eating deliciously in the real world.

  • Apples and Oranges

    Apples and Oranges

    Author: Frances Burns

    A healthy life is all about balance. My food philosophy is that you should find foods that can be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet, not focus on foods you can’t eat. With this blog I will be discussing nutrition topics, and providing yummy recipes.

  • Are You in a Food Rut?

    Are You in a Food Rut?

    Author: Sioned Quirke

    Does every lunch look the same? Not feeling excited about your meals? Is hubby complaining about eating chicken again? Do you have food envy? Does this sound like you? Well these are typical symptoms of being in a food rut and, if you’ve just self-diagnosed the rut, read on

  • Around The Plate

    Around The Plate

    Author: Kati Mora

    Join me, the girl behind the plate, and visiting RDs from across the globe to discover the truth about nutrition. When you gather “around the plate” with us you will find realistic, accurate, and relevant advice for your everyday life.

  • Art of Nutrition

    Art of Nutrition

    Author: Dana Artinyan

    As an RD and food lover, my blog is a vehicle for sharing better-for-you recipes and foods (from farmers market to grocery store finds). I promote clean eating with my recipes, which are often vegetarian, gluten-free and/or dairy-free for those on restricted diets. Enjoy!

  • Ashley Koff RD

    Ashley Koff RD

    Author: Ashley Koff

    Want to know what’s going on in nutrition? Nutrition recommendations for quality choices; How to be a Qualitarian; hot topics; media mentions with additional information.

  • Ask the Diet Coach

    Ask the Diet Coach

    Author: Laurie Beebe

    Have a question about diet, nutrition, or weight loss? Get the answer from an expert! Laurie is a registered dietitian certified in adult weight management. Find out how to lower cholesterol, gain (or lose) weight, and bust those diet myths.

  • Avocado Alice

    Avocado Alice

    Author: Alice Ma

    Hi! I’m a recently converted flexi-vegan who loves to make over and “veganize” recipes, especially if they include avocados! Follow along as I share healthy recipes for the at-home vegan, as well as tips on being vegan when it comes to traveling and social situations!

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    • B.Flavorful


      Author: Brieanna Casperson

      This blog is a compilation of plant-based recipes, nutrition tips and holistic wellness advice from a Connecticut-based dietitian and health coach.

    • Baby Fat Diet

      Baby Fat Diet

      Authors: Shara Aaron, Monica Bearden

      Nutrition and wellness information to help moms lose weight, stay healthy and grow healthy families.

    • Back To The Book Nutrition

      Back To The Book Nutrition

      Author: Dena Norton

      The Back To The Book Nutrition blog aims to inform readers regarding whole health and inspire them to prepare, eat, and enjoy clean food. Delicious recipes with vibrant photos, gardening discussions, family topics, expert interviews and faith lessons are some of what we provide.

    • baking & i

      baking & i

      Author: Yvonne Lin

      Baking & I – the journey of a Dietitian who loves to bake. This blog is the destination to help you have your cake and eat it too. A space to share and trial recipes with a healthy twist going hand in hands with practical insights into nutrition and health.

    • Baking On The Side

      Baking On The Side

      Author: Bronwyn Coyne

      This is a blog meant to share recipes, ideas, and little life stories to connect with and inspire others in their healthy lifestyles. I am a dietitian by trade, but my love affair with food started long before becoming a dietitian, and will likely continue long after.

    • Balance Variety Moderation RD

      Balance Variety Moderation RD

      Author: Aaron Flores

      The world of nutrition is ever-changing. There is always a new food, new study or new report that claims to have all the food answers. This blog is going to try to help you make sense of all the information and make an informed choice about your food.

    • Balanced Eating

      Balanced Eating

      Author: Theresa Stahl

      Theresa is a registered dietitian and licensed dietitian and nutritionist in Maryland.  Her Balanced Eating blog helps you enjoy a balanced and full life.

    • Balanced Proportions

      Balanced Proportions

      Authors: Julia Hudson, Kelly Whalen

      Citing the latest research, new trends, intriguing interviews, and other nutrition stories worth ranting about! Written by Registered Dietitians in Halifax, Nova Scotia – we put up new posts every Wednesday.

    • Balanced with Allie

      Balanced with Allie

      Author: Alison McLaughlin

      Balanced with Allie is all about cooking healthy meals and snacks that are easy and still taste great! The blog is mainly about nutrition, but there will be a few yoga poses from time to time.

    • Balancing Life Wtih Nutrition

      Balancing Life Wtih Nutrition

      Author: Tami Broderick

      Need to eat gluten free? Interested in losing weight, improving your health, well-being & quality of life? Learn how to Balance Life with Nutrition with easy to make healthy recipes, as well as the latest information on health, nutrition and fitness.

    • Be Truly Nourished

      Be Truly Nourished

      Authors: Rebecca Clyde, Melanie Starita

      We believe that in order to live a truly healthy and nourished life, it is important for individuals to find a balance of healthy eating, regular exercise, and personal acceptance. Our mission is to provide the public with accurate nutrition information and recommendations based.

    • Be Well Gluten Free

      Be Well Gluten Free

      Author: Sally Marchini

      Helping people to make healthier gluten free choices regardless of their reason for being gluten free and advocating for correct diagnosis of coeliac disease. All blogs written and/or approved by Accredited Practising Dietitians. To support Facebook group ‘Be Well Gluten Free’.

    • Bean A Foodie

      Bean A Foodie

      Author: Maria Tadic

      My name is Maria Tadic and I’m a nutrition expert, die-hard foodie and the author of the blog Bean A Foodie – A Culinary Quest for Nutrition. I started writing this blog so that I could share my recipes, cooking tips and advice, nutrition expertise and my opinions on great produ

    • Beautifully Nutty

      Beautifully Nutty

      Author: Melanie Hallal

      I’m a Registered Dietitian with a passion for clean, whole food living. I write about food, recipes, fitness, and finding total happiness and wellness in my life. I have Ulcerative Colitis and am learning how to alleviate symptoms naturally through changes in diet and lifestyle.

    • Better Than Dieting

      Better Than Dieting

      Author: Bonnie Taub-Dix

      This blog is where science is translated into sense, laced with humor and real-life situations. As a motivational speaker and journalist for over 3 decades, I’ve helped hundreds of people appreciate creating a marriage of great food & great health.

    • Better Than Dorm Food

      Better Than Dorm Food

      Author: Heidi Diller

      This recipe site is unique for anyone on a budget and in the kitchen for the first time (like a college student). Recipes are created with servings that are usually tailored for just 1 or 2 that are made with easy-to-find ingredients plus shopping and nutrition tips.

    • Beyond Prenatals

      Beyond Prenatals

      Author: Debra Woldoks

      The goal of Beyond Prenatals is to empower women to learn more about nutrition during preconception, pregnancy, and early childhood…and to go “beyond” prenatal vitamins in striving to create healthy families.

    • Bitchin Nutrition

      Bitchin Nutrition

      Author: Brooke Schantz

      Bitchin’ Nutrition, founded by Chicago-based Registered Dietitian and nutrition “expert” Brooke Schantz provides no-bull information about the latest trends and buzz in the world of nutrition and dieting.

    • Bite In2 Life

      Bite In2 Life

      Author: Kaitlyn Anderson

      Kaitlyn is an Accredited Practising Dietitian working in private practice and health promotion within the Mornington Peninsula and suburbs of Frankston. Her philosophy revolves around helping people of all ages develop a life-long love affair with real food.

    • Bite My Words

      Bite My Words

      Author: Diana Chard

      I’m a Registered Dietitian living in Nova Scotia, Canada. I started this blog as an outlet to vent my frustrations with the frequent misconceptions I hear about health and nutrition. The opinions contained within this blog as solely my own (unless otherwise stated) and are intended purely for educational purposes. My opinions may or may not be held by other dietitians or other humans. I do not presume to speak for all members of my profession. I’m passionate about all aspects of food: growing, preparing, cooking, and eating. I’m also a complete fitness junkie.

    • Bite of Health Nutrition

      Bite of Health Nutrition

      Author: Lauren Sharifi

      Bite of Health provides readers with tips a tricks to make healthy eating fun, easy and delicious. It also keeps readers up to date on the lastest nutrition research and trends to keep them healthy.

    • Bittersweet Diagnosis

      Bittersweet Diagnosis

      Author: Ashley Ng

      A blog about living with diabetes and the occasional nutritional post. Majority of posts are related to health advocacy or health promotion.

    • Blog About Seafood

      Blog About Seafood

      Author: Jennifer McGuire

      BlogAboutSeafood is here to show you just what plenty of seafood looks like in an RD’s real-life diet.

    • BLT Foodies

      BLT Foodies

      Author: Brittany Chin

      Blog by an RD, along with her foodie boyfriend and occasional posts and photos by their cute golden mix as well. Each post focuses on a heart healthy recipe all complete with nutrition facts (30-45g total carb & 4g or less saturated fat).

    • Born To Eat

      Born To Eat

      Author: Leslie Schilling

      Many of my clients don’t even realize they’ve been kidnapped by the diet mindset. I am a dietitian and I truly believe you can eat all foods AND be healthy and fit at the same time. It’s about how often and how much…

    • Breast Cancer Defense

      Breast Cancer Defense

      Author: Natalie Weiss

      A dietitian who is passionate about prevention! Natalie wants you to feel empowered by learning how a healthy lifestyle can help prevent breast cancer. Recipes are also provided.

    • Brightonyourhealth


      Author: Mary Brighton is a healthy living/nutrition blog dedicated to helping readers of all ages live a longer, more productive lifestyle. The blog is written by Mary Brighton, MS, RD a registered dietitian living in France for the past 10 years

    • brown goat

      brown goat

      Author: Stephanie Lamar

      I’m a dietitian, foodie, and mama who loves to cook, shop at markets, write and read about food, share recipes, and eat!  i hope my weekly menus and recipes will help you fit real food into real family life.

    • Budget For Health

      Budget For Health

      Author: Jessica Kempf seeks to provide practical, useful information about food, finances, and fitness. You’ll find plenty of insight on recent nutrition topics, an in-depth look at how we set up our budget AND stick to it, and various fitness tips.

    • But first, let’s eat

      But first, let

      Author: Andrea Hardy

      I am constantly sharing, much like the rest of this world. But first, let’s eat is an evidenced based nutrition and lifestyle blog that gives me an avenue to share my nutrition perspectives, my tips and tricks on a healthy lifestyle, while focused on the whole person.

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    • Cancer Dietitian

      Cancer Dietitian

      Author: Julie Lanford

      Cancer Dietitian is my personal passion and my career. I am the Wellness Director of Cancer Services, Inc,a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a certified specialist in oncology nutrition.. I specialize in translating cancer nutrition topics into consumer friendly messages!

    • Carissa Bealert

      Carissa Bealert

      Author: Carissa Bealert

      Fit2Flex follows the journey of a fitness and health loving married team. Carissa is a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer and Kyle is a certified personal trainer and owner of Evolution Fitness Orlando. Fit2Flex shares nutrition tips, workouts, and race recaps

    • Carried Away About Nutrition

      Carried Away About Nutrition

      Author: Carrie Wissemeier

      My nutrition blog is compilation of my food experiments in the kitchen and my passion for sharing health and wellness. I rehab recipes with a healthy twist for quality nutrition and delicious food.

    • Carrots and a Cupcake

      Carrots and a Cupcake

      Author: Susan Zeff

      I’m a Registered Dietitian who lives by the 80/20 rule: try to eat healthy 80% of the time and don’t feel guilty about the other 20%. I am also the mother of two small children who love to push my nutritional buttons! Join me as I teach my family, friends and community how to eat right and live a healthy life.

    • Carrots and Cake

      Carrots and Cake

      Author: Nita Sharda

      This blog will offer readers a chance to reflect not only on the foods they eat, but how and why they eat. It is my sincere aim to provide readers with opportunities to learn more about our food, where it comes from and how it’s properties can nourish our body (or not).

    • Celiac and the City RD

      Celiac and the City RD

      Author: Jessica Pearl

      Witty, informed perspective on our country’s latest food preoccupations, focusing on sports nutrition and food allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities.

    • Chapman’s Landing Cooking Studio


      Author: Nancy Guppy

      I am a registered dietitian living on a century old farm in Nipissing village, northern Ontario. My food and nutrition blog promotes healthy eating using fresh seasonal ingredients, organics, growing what you can and supporting local agriculture.

    • Chard in Charge

      Chard in Charge

      Author: Dianna Sinni

      A food and nutrition blog focusing on whole foods, organic gardening, and simple plant-based recipes.

    • Cheering for Nutrition

      Cheering for Nutrition

      Author: Jenna Obeid

      A balanced blog about food, health and life where I document my homemade recipes, nutrition-related rants and my personal food and exercise adventures.

    • Cheryl Meyer: Registered Dietitian

      Cheryl Meyer: Registered Dietitian

      Author: Cheryl Meyer

      There is just so much conflicting & confusing advice about food&nutrition; out there. This blog aims to provide a source of credible,evidence-based information in a fun, easy-to-digest form. I look forward to sharing thoughts,ideas & recipes with you!

    • Chew On This

      Chew On This

      Author: Sue Rose

      Chew on this blog educates the consumer on noteworthy nutrients, functional foods, and eating strategies for health and well-being. Topics include various ways to tweak what you eat to turn around your eating style to maximize impact on health!

    • Chew the Facts

      Chew the Facts

      Author: Rosanne Rust

      Helping distinguish nutrition fact from myth: I’ll be constantly reading peer-reviewed journals to deliver all sides of the latest food & nutrition news.

    • Chicago Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

      Chicago Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

      Author: Ginger Hultin

      A professional organization of dietitians in Chicago offer their individual expertise on a variety of nutrition subjects in bi-weekly posts. Nearing their 100th anniversary, this group has been active in their community for decades and are well known as the nutrition experts.

    • Chicago Nutrition Solutions

      Chicago Nutrition Solutions

      Author: Margaret Wertheim

      Margaret Wertheim, MS, RD explores age-old wisdom, the latest nutrition research and provides new and innovative ways to support a healthy and vibrant life through nourishing foods, supplements, and lifestyle recommendations.

    • Children’s dietitian


      Author: Paula Hallam

      My blog is about common childhood nutrition issues with helpful hints, tips and recipes. I am a UK-based dietitian with 14 years experience in all aspects of paediatric nutrition and dietetics.

    • Chocolate Broccoli

      Chocolate Broccoli

      Author: Amber Massey

      A Southern raised, food-loving Registered Dietitian who wants to show all the flavorful, good for you possibilities that are within reach.

    • Chocolate Slopes

      Chocolate Slopes

      Author: Kristy Hegner

      Chocolate Slopes is where you’ll find scrumptious recipes and nutrition tips that are realistic for the entire family.

    • Chow and Chatter

      Chow and Chatter

      Author: Rebecca Subbiah

      Travel, Good Food and Nourishment, it’s a food blog with a focus on healthy recipes with brief health advice from time to time.

    • Christy Wilson Nutrition

      Christy Wilson Nutrition

      Author: Christy Wilson

      As mom, wife and Registered Dietitian, I make nutrition information simple & meaningful & I prepare foods that are quick, delicious & healthy. I write, cook, teach, speak about and take photos of all that is food. Inspired by my family & my culture.

    • Chronicles of a Dietitian

      Chronicles of a Dietitian

      Author: Jackie Geralnick

      Chronicles of a Dietitian is a site of healthy, simple recipes and nutrition tips to encourage readers to eat real food and show that healthy can be delicious.

    • cindyshealthymeals


      Author: Cynthia Gay

      A registered dietitian and healthy food expert, I plan meals for 1-2000. I manage a Healthy Cafe. These are meals I make at home.

    • City Girl Bites

      City Girl Bites

      Author: Martha McKittrick

      City girl bites blog provides practical and accurate nutrition information for those people with a fast paced lifestyle. Martha gives tips on eating out, ordering in, carbohydrate cravings, increasing energy levels and more.

    • Climb Healthy

      Climb Healthy

      Author: Aicacia Young

      A functional nutrition resource for climbers and other adventure-seekers

    • Clinical Alimentary

      Clinical Alimentary

      Author: Julie Thompson

      Clinical Alimentary is a blog containing recipes, general advice, reviews for people with gut disorders such as IBS, coeliac disease, crohn’s, colitis, allergy and food intolerances. Low FODMAP and IBS specialist Dietitian who works with The IBS Network.

    • Coach Jess M

      Coach Jess M

      Author: Jessica Murray

      Healthy Food and Recipe ideas, Exercise Tips, Running Stories, and Reflection Topics to help you make healthy additions to your life! Get healthier, leaner, faster, and happier!

    • Confessions of a Dietitian

      Confessions of a Dietitian

      Author: Carrie Flick

      A dietitian talks about simplifying nutrition and making a healthy lifestyle attainable in the real world in addition recipes, attempts at running, and random thoughts.

    • Confessions of a Dietitian

      Confessions of a Dietitian

      Author: Lisa Koo

      A place where dietitians and health conscious individuals talk about food. Product reviews, ingredient substitutions and time saving tips.

    • Considering You

      Considering You

      Authors: Allison Lehman, Mary Trenda

      Healthy community joining together to discuss and consider alternative approaches to modern medicine and the western diet.

    • Craving Something Healthy

      Craving Something Healthy

      Author: Anne Danahy

      Need help making sense of the latest nutrition research? This blog is written by an RD, who loves to teach individuals how to take the science of nutrition and get it onto their plates. Features consumer friendly nutrition information, recipes, healthy cooking/eating tips

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    • Daily Dietitian

      Daily Dietitian

      Author: Stacy Mitchell

      Stacy is a Registered Dietitian and mother of three.  She understands it is difficult to provide healthy meals and snacks for her family. Her goal is to help others by providing quick, simply, and healthy meal ideas.

    • Daily Dose of Greens

      Daily Dose of Greens

      Author: Mary Ross Fowler

      Daily Dose of Greens is a blog by registered dietitian, Mary Ross Fowler, who lives in North Carolina. Its purpose is to become a helpful resource for nutrition information, healthful recipes, and natural living. All recipes are plant-based (vegan/vegetarian) and family-friendly!

    • Daily Dose of Nutrition

      Daily Dose of Nutrition

      Author: Jenna Stephens

      Get your Daily Dose of Nutrition here!  Recipes with walk-through instructions & photos, exercise & fitness tips & motivation, in-season fruit & vegetable advice, weight loss information, new foods to try and much more!  Keeping you healthy & happy!

    • Daily Nutrition Tips

      Daily Nutrition Tips

      Author: Abednego Moriasi

      Welcome to my Nutrition Blog! My name is Abednego Moriasi a registered Dietitian in Kenya. This Blog Provides simple and practical nutritional advice on making healthier choices. Find out how to eat healthy, prevent and manage chronic conditions.

    • Dana Monroe RD, LDN

      Dana Monroe RD, LDN

      Author: Dana Monroe

      Motivation for a healthy lifestyle. My goal is to share accurate and reliable nutrition information with the public. I love to cook, bake, and of course eat healthy and beautiful food. I am open to many recipes and way of eating- vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free- you name it!

    • Dandelion Nutrition

      Dandelion Nutrition

      Author: Marlene Maltby

      Are you concerned about your child’s weight? Do you have a picky eater? Adjusting to food sensitivities or allergies? Worried about your teen’s poor eating habits? Get answers about your child’s nutrition and learn what you can do to help ensure they grow strong, stay healthy an

    • Danielle Hamo Nutrition

      Danielle Hamo Nutrition

      Author: Danielle Hamo

      Written by a model and registered dietitian sharing with you the latest health, wellness, and weight loss research and information! Also sharing healthy recipes and easy health and weight loss tips to get your nutrition and diet on the right path.

    • David Rath Nutrition Shorts

      David Rath Nutrition Shorts

      Author: David Rath

      You are what you eat! Keep up with the latest nutrition news by reading Nutrition Shorts. Easy-to-read briefs with information you can use in your everyday life.

    • DC Wellness Scout

      DC Wellness Scout

      Author: Carolyn Banach

      Nutrition and wellness tips and reporting with a special focus on the Washington, DC metro area.

    • Death of the Diet

      Death of the Diet

      Author: Jason Machowsky

      I view every day as an opportunity for me to help someone savor their life with the exercise they perform and the food they eat.  It’s not about perfection, it’s about building a sustainable relationship with our food, our fitness and our bodies.

    • Decidedly Nutritious

      Decidedly Nutritious

      Author: Lauren Mayer

      Decidedly Nutritious is a Boston-based dietitian’s blog about finding balanced nutrition in an unbalanced world. Sharing all things nutrition, exercise, cooking and healthy living.

    • Delicious Dietitian

      Delicious Dietitian

      Author: Nadine Fisher

      This blog is a collective group of posts from Iowa Dietitians including, organized and edited by Erin Thole MS, RDN. The information is published to educate and inform the public about healthy eating and exercise habits by trained professionals in the field.

    • Delicious Knowledge

      Delicious Knowledge

      Author: Alexandra Caspero

      Featuring healthy plant-based recipes, exercise plans, workout ideas, and DK’s take on current nutrition information and fads.

    • Delicious Living Inc.

      Delicious Living Inc.

      Author: Nicole Cormier

      Nicole is owner of Delicious Living Nutrition, Inc. & Farm Fare Market, host of Radio Brunch, and is a farmer in training. This blog shares her love for Food, Life & Farming. Nicole lives on an organic farm & loves sharing her garden-to-table recipes with readers.

    • Deliciousdietitianduo


      Author: Amy Horrock

      We are dietitians, food lovers and twin sisters! We are on a mission to inspire good nutrition one delicious recipe at a time. On our blog you will find an assortment of recipes from meat ‘n potatoes to gluten free to raw ‘n vegan! A little something for every taste bud!

    • Deliciously Dense

      Deliciously Dense

      Author: Bree Marsh

      Focus is on “nutrient dense” foods. tons of tips, recipes, and recommendations on how and why to include nutrient dense foods in your diet.  more focus on food for health, well-being, fitness, and decreased disease risk rather than weight loss alone.

    • Deliciously Well

      Deliciously Well

      Author: Brenda Burdette

      Deliciously Well helps you Live the Life You Crave. Easy tips & tools specific to four areas of health- Play with Your Food, Simply Entertaining, Feasibly Fit & Get it Together. Enjoy cooking, laugh with friends, maximize your workout & be organized.

    • Devine Nutrition On the Run

      Devine Nutrition On the Run

      Author: Kelly Devine Rickert

      Between a crazy work schedule, screaming kids and the latest Pinterest find, who has time to train for a race or even think about planning next week’s meals? You do! Follow Devine Nutrition on the Run’s blog for quick ideas on how to fuel you (and your family) on the run!

    • DiabeteSteps Rx

      DiabeteSteps Rx

      Author: Cheryl Winter

      The DiabeteSteps Rx® Blog, aimed at “Simplifying Diabetes Remedies,” serves as a virtual tool for preventing & treating diabetes & its associated medical conditions, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, overweight & obesity, with food and nutrition as its main focus.

    • Diana Young RD

      Diana Young RD

      Author: Diana Young

      Diana Young, RD, LD/N, CDE is a dietitian and diabetes educator who is well aware that fatigue, boredom, depression, loneliness and stress can make it difficult to adhere to healthy habits. Follow Diana as she changes intentions into action.

    • Dianne Rishikof, Nutrition

      Dianne Rishikof, Nutrition

      Author: Dianne Rishikof

      With an emphasis on gut nutrition (IBS, gluten sensitivity, leaky gut, etc) and child nutrition (parent child power struggles, picky eaters), this blog covers a wide variety of hot nutrition topics, the latest research and helpful info.

    • Diet Duchess

      Diet Duchess

      Author: Perryn Carroll

      Perryn is a self confessed diet geek living in London blogging her way through the weight loss maze. Using her expertise in weight loss, she blogs about everyday tips and hints to manage weight effectively.

    • Dietetic Directions Blog

      Dietetic Directions Blog

      Author: Andrea D’Ambrosio

      Dietetic Directions is a blog is dedicated to deciphering nutrition info, recipe sharing and proving guidance to clients with allergies, food intolerances and GI issues. Andrea shares trusted, science-based nutrition info where food is FUN!

    • Dietitian Abroad

      Dietitian Abroad

      Author: Marcus O’Neill

      My goal is to write about living in Egypt through the eyes of a dietitian. I’m will be exploring the pros & cons of a new culture and how living in Egypt impacts things like food choices, exercise patterns and overall health.

    • Dietitian Cassie

      Dietitian Cassie

      Author: Cassie Bjork

      Dietitian Cassie is a Registered, Licensed Dietitian and fitness fanatic with a passion for educating the world on real food, fitness and nutrition. DC provides practical, research-based information to help you lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

    • Dietitian Debbie Dishes

      Dietitian Debbie Dishes

      Author: Deborah Davis

      To put it in my grandfather’s own words, “all she does is eat!”. Dietitian Debbie Dishes was created as an outlet for me to share healthy recipes, fun food facts, fitness tips, and more. As a dietitian, I want people to know that eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated!

    • Dietitian Drive

      Dietitian Drive

      Authors: Kerri Hawkins, Robin Hawkins

      Dietitian Drive is a place where we can create Your Road Map to Wellness and explore new and better ways to live a balanced life.

    • Dietitian Jess

      Dietitian Jess

      Author: Jessica DeGore

      My blog as a Registered Dietitian includes up to date nutrition information, healthy eating ideas and recipes, workouts and fitness goals. I have a huge passion for cooking, fitness, and my goals is to educate and inspire others to find a more healthful life.

    • Dietitian Julie

      Dietitian Julie

      Author: Julie Wallace

      General Nutrition Information from prevention, to MNT, and a bit of my personal life as a R.D. thrown into the mix.

    • Dietitian on a Mission

      Dietitian on a Mission

      Author: Elisa Rossimel

      Dietitian on a Mission is the result of a 20-something year old city slicker moving her life to the Aussie outback, and the challenge to express her love for all things food and culture. It explores foods from across the globe, their nutrients, traditions and stories.

    • Dietitian on the Run

      Dietitian on the Run

      Author: Heather Calcote

      Marathoner, yoga teacher, and adventurer. I work as the Head of Nutrition for based out of San Francisco. Drink of choice is often champagne, and lifestyle of choice often includes exploring.

    • Dietitian That Tri’s

      Dietitian That Tri

      Author: Alexandra Economy

      As a registered dietitian and triathlete my mission is to inspire and encourage others to lead a healthier lifestyle through physical activity and a healthy diet by sharing my triathlon experiences and sports nutrition knowledge.

    • Dietitian To Go

      Dietitian To Go

      Author: Brittany Carpenter

      Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist with an extreme passion for food, nutrition, and all things health. My mission is to provide real nutrition advice in a world of fake food.

    • Dietitian UK

      Dietitian UK

      Author: Priya Tew

      Thoughts on food, health and life from a registered dietitian. I’ll be blogging about weaning and family meals, wheat and gluten free living and healthy eating. Recipes, top tips and more.

    • Dietitian without Borders

      Dietitian without Borders

      Author: Gemma Critchley

      An Aussie Dietitian living in the UK with a passion to share reliable trustworthy nutrition advice and information to help people live healthier happier lives.

    • Dietitian’s Eat Too


      Author: Dana Plummer

      A dietitian’s journey through food struggles, healthy eating and weight loss strategies, nutrition tips, and recipes. Positive motivation, inspiration, and usable real-life information.

    • Dietitian’s Life


      Authors: Sarah Boocock, Louise Robertson

      A blog about diet and life. Two best buddy Dietitians sharing our views and enthusiasm for all things nutrition and diet related. We blog on anything from healthy eating, special diets and being a Dietitian!

    • Dietitians Eat Chocolate Too

      Dietitians Eat Chocolate Too

      Author: Gina Lesako

      Dieting isn’t a piece of cake. My name is Gina and I’m a Registered Dietitian with a wellness approach that is simple. To quote Michael Pollan:”Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

    • Dietitians on the web

      Dietitians on the web

      Author: Cynthia York-Camden

      Dietitians on the Web is designed by Cynthia York-Camden to help you find reliable nutrition experts on the web.

    • Dietitians Online

      Dietitians Online

      Author: Sandra Frank

      Dietitians Online was created to acknowledge the dedication and talents of the Registered Dietitian on the Internet and to provide reliable on-line food and nutrition information to the media, consumer, health professional and educator.

    • Dine, Dash, and Dead Lift

      Dine, Dash, and Dead Lift

      Author: Tanya Halliday

      Dine, Dash & Deadlift provides information on the latests nutrition and exercise-based research as well as fast, simple, healthy recipe ideas and suggested workouts for those of us short on time!

    • Dine-out Dietitian

      Dine-out Dietitian

      Authors: Meghan Ariagno, Allison Arnett, Maya Feller, Melissa Javaheri, Jessica Shapiro, Laura Walker

      A community featuring dietitian-based restaurant reviews.  Dine-out dietitian is dedicated to educating the public on wonderful and healthy dining options available in various cities.

    • Discover Good Nutrition

      Discover Good Nutrition

      Author: Susan Bowerman

      Focus on weight loss, sports nutrition, diet myths, fruits & veggies, healthy proteins, healthy fats, healthy carbs, calorie needs, healthy meals, healthy snacks, body composition, antioxidants, healthy weight, and current research in nutrition.

    • Dish By Trish

      Dish By Trish

      Author: Patricia O’Keefe

      Leading plant-based nutritionist and dietitian, Trish, brings you DELICIOUS, healthy dishes and WELLNESS tips. Lover of Natural Health and Healing. Co-Founder of Sprout Wellness Center.

    • Dishing Out Health

      Dishing Out Health

      Author: Jamie Vespa

      Dishing Out Health offers delicious, nutritious recipes, as well as general tips and tricks to help individuals optimize their health. This blog focuses on general healthful nutrition and strives to show readers that eating healthy can taste just as good as it feels.

    • DNA Diet

      DNA Diet

      Author: Lisa Cianfrini

      Follow Lisa Cianfrini as she eats according to her genes. Lisa recently had her Nutrigenomix test done and is blogging about folate, whole grains and glycemic index, omega-3 fats, and caffeine. Recipes, restaurants and fast food entail!

    • Do You Eat?

      Do You Eat?

      Authors: Kate Bullen, Sophie McGough

      Sophie and Kate are both Accredited Practising Dietitians and Mums.  Our blog contains recipes, product reviews and various nutrition articles ranging from healthy eating, weight loss, diabetes and heart disease to fad diets and food psychology.

    • Domestic Dreamboat

      Domestic Dreamboat

      Author: Carissa Serink

      Domestic Dreamboat is a blog dedicated to my love of all things homemade. It mainly features recipes, but will also feature general cooking and healthy eating tips as well as occasional craft tutorials.

    • Don’t (White) Sugar-Coat It


      Author: Elizabeth Jarrard

      A blog about REAL food, mostly plant-based, as well as product and restaurant reviews. With no sugar-coating.

    • Dough See Dough

      Dough See Dough

      Author: Jennifer Dreyer

      Eating well is fun & delicious! Recipes on DSD vary from heart-healthy salads to indulgent vegan cinnamon rolls.

    • Down-to-Earth Dietitian

      Down-to-Earth Dietitian

      Author: Jen Haugen

      The Down-to-Earth Dietitian blog is about sharing behind-the-shelves information about foods you buy in the supermarket and how they get to our tables. Jen loves to educate others on how foods from the earth nourish our families. Shopping tips & recipes too!

    • Dr. Janet Brill – Eat Healthy. Exercise. Live Better.

      Dr. Janet Brill - Eat Healthy. Exercise. Live Better.

      Author: Janet Brill

      Empowering and transforming lives through healthy living. Let Dr. Janet help you to make better food, fitness, and lifestyle choices which will ultimately help you to live a healthier, happier, and longer life.

    • Dr. Jo – staying healthy, sane, & productive

      Dr. Jo - staying healthy, sane, & productive

      Author: Jo Lichten

      Musings from Dr. Jo, author/speaker, who encourages small steps that make a big difference in your energy and health.

    • Drop it and Eat

      Drop it and Eat

      Author: Lori Lieberman

      Normalize your eating and your weight. A guide to dropping the senseless rules about food and eating and learning to tune in to your body’s signals. recipes and food finds included. Written by a registered dietitian in private practice for 21 years.

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    • Eat Chic Chicago

      Eat Chic Chicago

      Author: Amari Cheffer

      Founded by Chicago dietitian Amari Cheffer, Eat Chic Chicago offers educational articles regarding nutrition and wellness as well as healthy recipes for your everyday lifestyle.

    • Eat Drink Be Happy

      Eat Drink Be Happy

      Author: Desiree Nielsen

      A fresh approach to healthy eating, written by a registered dietitian. Learn about hot nutrition topics, simple recipes, local foods and follow the UnDiet, a healthy eating plan for the rest of us.

    • Eat Fit Run

      Eat Fit Run

      Author: Melissa Majumdar

      The purpose of the blog is to share my sports nutrition knowledge with runners, athletes, and other health conscious followers.

    • Eat Good 4 Life

      Eat Good 4 Life

      Author: Miryam Quinn Doblas

      Healthy and nutritious food made easy. I feature healthy recipes with beautiful pictures and instructions to follow. This blog is all about cooking, eating, and experimenting with food. Enjoy

    • Eat right and bright Nebraska

      Eat right and bright Nebraska

      Author: Becky Guittar

      I have one of the best opportunities as a dietitians, I am employed at a grocery store where customers make many of their food decisions I like to share recipes, tips, ideas for customers looking for healthy eating ideas for heart health, kids, gluten-free and more .

    • Eat Right, Live Life, Play Hard

      Eat Right, Live Life, Play Hard

      Author: Marcia Scheideman

      Designed to help readers incorporate healthy choices into their current diets in order to reach their goals in enjoyable, flavorful, healthy ways. Uses Dietary guidelines and MyPyramid as basis

    • Eat Simply

      Eat Simply

      Author: Ayla Withee

      Eat Simply was created out of my desire to share science-based nutrition knowledge, my favorite real-food recipes (and stories about my kitchen mishaps), real tips and strategies to help navigate a processed-food world.

    • eat sleep dream love food

      eat sleep dream love food

      Author: Jemma O’Hanlon

      This blog will keep you updated on all the latest in food and nutrition. Every week I will entertain you with a hot new topic, and answer the questions you always wanted to know. Buon appetito!

    • Eat to Compete

      Eat to Compete

      Author: Katilyn Davis

      ‘Eat to Compete’ provides research-based sport performance nutrition information to individual athletes, athletic teams, and athletic staff to help ordinary athletes become extraordinary competitors. Because what you eat DOES affect how you compete!

    • Eat to Love

      Eat to Love

      Author: Jenna Hollenstein

      Eat to Love shares articles, motivation, and news based in science, Intuitive Eating, and mindfulness. Topics include weight loss, weight management, chronic dieting, eating disorders, disordered eating, emotional eating, mindful eating, and selected scientific studies.

    • Eat to Nourish, Energize and Flourish!

      Eat to Nourish, Energize and Flourish!

      Author: Ann Teh

      My blog covers a variety of nutrition and fitness topics, including feeding my toddler, sports nutrition, general nutrition, my journey in triathlons and racing and anything else food or cooking related I want to share.

    • Eat Well Meals

      Eat Well Meals

      Author: Jennifer Cohen Katz

      Jennifer Cohen Katz RD understands that eating well must be a balance between good nutrition and palate-pleasing food. Here you will find information about current nutrition related topics, tips for healthier eating, and delicious, healthy recipes.

    • Eat Well with Gina

      Eat Well with Gina

      Author: Gina Consalvo

      Gina Consalvo, MA, RD, LDN writes about evidence-based nutrition information to debunk nutrition myths, answer questions, and question the latest fad. Gina values transparency and ethics in nutrition writing and reporting.

    • Eat Well, Live Well, Be Well

      Eat Well, Live Well, Be Well

      Author: Shelley Rael

      Musings and observations with a side of research from the Land of Enchantment.  Anything from food and nutrition, diet and exercise, health and wellness. I love to eat, live and enjoy life and I love being a dietitian, and I share it here.

    • Eat Well. Get Strong.

      Eat Well. Get Strong.

      Author: Cathy Leman

      Here, my professional and personal passions merge, creating a balanced, sane approach to health and wellness. It’s here that home cooking, vegetarian and vegan nutrition, and staying active and fit coexist to encourage healthy weight, a realistic body image, and the elimination of perfection.

    • Eat, Feel, Live Better

      Eat, Feel, Live Better

      Author: Renee Rogers

      Renee Rogers is a registered dietitian and lover of food, people, and health.  She offers tons of step-by-step recipes, tips, and recommendations so you too can reap the benefits of a nutritious delicious diet.

    • Eating and Living Moderately

      Eating and Living Moderately

      Author: Laura Cipullo

      .Eating and Living Moderately spreads positive nutrition education by teaching adults and children alike to eat all foods through the non diet approach. EALM covers topics like diabetes, eating disorders, heart health, food trends, behavior modification and discarding your scale.

    • Eating Chalk

      Eating Chalk

      Author: Emily Wax

      Eating Chalk is where I share my food and fitness adventures as a Registered Dietitian with a realistic diet (complete with an obsession with gummy bears and Diet Coke). I use the blog to talk about my life – food, fun, and everything in between.

    • Eating RD

      Eating RD

      Author: Kristen Christiansen

      I feature healthy recipes, food photography, as well as fitness and sports nutrition information.  I have a passion for culinary nutrition and recently completed my first century bike ride!

    • EatLaughDrink


      Author: Sara Oberle

      EatLaughDrink is a blog devoted to sharing my passion, knowledge and love for wholesome and nourishing food. Give your body and mind what it deserves while learning how to create delicious and healthy foods.


      Author: Valentina Giannelli

      Valentina is a Italian dietitian settled in Sydney, passionate to share simple information on interesting food facts, natural health & recipes with real beautiful fresh food, promoting the philosophy of authentic and wholesome eating as a way to find health, balance and happiness

    • EatPrayGrow


      Author: Nazreen Nakeeb

      Nutrition blog with readers across the globe. Focus is on healthy eating, including healthy Ramadan tips, and a beginner’s guide to halal food. Aim of blog is to promote good health in the general public, especially written for a Muslim audience.

    • Edible Nutrition

      Edible Nutrition

      Author: Wendy Jo Peterson

      Quick & simple recipes and tasty tid-bits of nutrition information for all.  Wendy Jo focuses on Southern & Southwestern cuisines, and the gifts her garden provides.

    • Eighty Twenty

      Eighty Twenty

      Author: Lindsay Kay Kordick

      This blog is dedicated to providing you with 80% HEALTHY recipes and 20% JUST PLAIN GOOD recipes.

    • Elise RD: It’s not a diet it’s a lifestyle

      Elise RD: It

      Author: Elise Reitshamer

      The secret to feeling great is not a secret at all; a lifestyle that incorporates good food and physical activity are the keys to a happy and healthy life! This blog takes some of the confusion and guesswork out of how to follow a healthy lifestyle.

    • elleNUTRITION


      Author: Laura Ledas

      elleNUTRITION empowers readers to eat well and feel better by using whole foods, simple recipes, and comprehensive eating guides. This dietitian-run website is primarily developed for women. Private practice dietitian services are available upon request.

    • Ellie Krieger

      Ellie Krieger

      Author: Ellie Krieger

      As a born food lover and Registered Dietitian, I believe delicious and healthy can (and should!) be used in the same sentence.

    • Energy We Bring

      Energy We Bring

      Author: Francesca Cugini

      We hope to show the universe that professionals with diverse qualifications can collaborate instead of oppose each other. Francesca (Registered Dietitian) & Julia (Holistic Health Coach)

    • Enjoy Every Bite

      Enjoy Every Bite

      Author: Elizabeth Abrahamson

      My passion is helping people eat their way to better health. As a young mother my primary focus is helping parents and children improve their eating habits. My blog provides nutrition tips that are realistic for every individual along with healthy recipes for all ages to enjoy.

    • Enlightened Eater

      Enlightened Eater

      Author: Rosie Schwartz

      I try to demystify nutrition and offer interpretations on the latest scientific studies. I also write regularly about new food products &book; reviews along with opinions on hot nutritional issues. I also include yummy recipes- luscious-tasting fare with top notch nutrition.

    • ENT Wellbeing Sydney

      ENT Wellbeing Sydney

      Author: Belinda Elwin

      ENT Wellbeing Diet and Nutrition are accredited practicing dietitians in Sydney. We work in private practice and see both children and adults. As part of our patient education program we regularly write on areas of dietetics relevant to our clinical practice.

    • Enthrive Blog

      Enthrive Blog

      Author: Emma Woolley

      The Enthrive Blog covers news, studies and commentaries on everything health, nutrition, wellness and weight management. Our posts are checked and often written by members of our Registered Dietitian network to ensure nutritional and scientific accuracy.

    • Every Food Fits

      Every Food Fits

      Author: Samantha Lewandowski

      Every Food Fits is based on the concept that no one food is all good or all bad. We appreciate the value of easy recipes, good nutrition, and shared meals with family and friends. Our focus is on the enjoyment of the eating experience while including sound nutrition and health-related information accented by mouthwatering photography. We’re interested in exploring new food and recipe ideas, meeting the people behind the preparation, and communicating nutrition news and trends.

    • everyday healthy eating

      everyday healthy eating

      Author: Maggie Moon

      I want to share useful information that can be put into practice, today. Topics range from fresh, healthy recipes, to weight loss, family and kid-friendly meals and snacks, sustainable seafood, heart health, supermarkets, diet book reviews, food safety, policy, and more.

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      Author: PAM DANNON

      Food connects all of us and all the topics I want to blog about – FOOD: shopping, cooking, eating and FARMS – where our food comes from, farm to school programs, home gardening, life on a hobby farm and FUN – because eating should be enjoyable and FACTS – because I am a Registere

    • faaizahsnutritionlab


      Author: Faaizah Laher

      Teaching healthy meals one recipe at a time. Hints on a healthy lifestyle. I take the recipes I love and are traditional, I take them to my ‘lab’ and try to make them low sugar/ low fat and healthier.

    • Family Table Blog

      Family Table Blog

      Author: Amanda Barnes

      Three sisters who love food, travel, and fun. Here you will find our favorite recipes inspired by health, seasonal ingredients, local produce, our fave cookbooks and some of our family classics. As well as healthy eating tips and restaurant reviews.

    • Family. Food. Fiesta.

      Family. Food. Fiesta.

      Author: Sarah Koszyk

      I’m a San Franciscan and registered dietitian foodie who eats delicious, easy-to-make, healthy, affordable food while balancing my work-life-home chaos. I can help you feed your family right with health tips, kid cooking videos, and scrumptious, low fat comfort-food recipes.

    • fANNEtastic food

      fANNEtastic food

      Author: Anne Mauney

      Inspiring readers to lead happier, healthier lives, one post at a time. Come for the recipes – stay for the fun! Check out my blog for simple healthy recipes, quick and easy meal ideas, packed lunches, health tips, and more.

    • Feed Between the Lines

      Feed Between the Lines

      Author: Caitlin Leff

      Written by Caitlin Leff, MS, RD, a California-based nutritionist and food lover, “Feed Between the Lines” shares healthy, delicious recipes while also helping you to understand the truth behind current nutrition/health news and trends.

    • Fertile. Fit. Fabulous.

      Fertile. Fit. Fabulous.

      Author: Kendra Tolbert

      Fertile. Fit. Fabulous. is a women’s reproductive health nutrition blog. It is an invaluable resource full of accurate, practical, and accessible nutrition and fitness information aimed to help women improve their fertility, health, and appearance.

    • Fiber is the Future

      Fiber is the Future

      Author: Katie Clark

      A nutrition blog highlighting the health benefits of dietary fiber and its food industry following

    • Fiddle With Your Food

      Fiddle With Your Food

      Author: Sandra Meyerowitz

      Fiddle With Your Food is about practical and current nutrition information for adults everywhere so you can eat better to feel better. Eat the right food for your body.

    • Fit For Life

      Fit For Life

      Author: Ashley Simper

      Features healthy recipes, yummies of the month and highlights pertinent nutrition topics to the public.

    • Fit Nutrition 4 Life

      Fit Nutrition 4 Life

      Author: Katherine Moore

      Eat healthy and exercise. Simple advice that is much harder to follow. Fit Nutrition 4 Life works to bridge the gap between fitness and nutrition information, and what is practical for everyday life.

    • Fit to Eat

      Fit to Eat

      Author: Christine Rosenbloom

      My blog focuses on healthy aging and making the transition to retirement (or semi-retirement. Nutrition tips and translation of research into practice are featured in my blog.

    • FitMamaEats


      Author: Nancy Oliveira

      Reviews on local restaurants, new food products, and food and nutrition trends from the perspective of a busy mom, dietitian, and fitness instructor.

    • Fitness Donts

      Fitness Donts

      Author: Megan McChesney

      This blog takes a comprehensive look at both fitness AND Nutrition from the eyes of a trainer and RD, showing how to integrate the two for a balanced, healthy life. Includes recipes, business and product reviews, basics of nutrition and exercise, and individual consultations.

    • Flat Out & Still Fabulous

      Flat Out & Still Fabulous

      Author: Caitlin Reid

      Hectic lifestyles make it hard for many of us to find the time to make health a priority. Accepting the fact that life is never going to get any slower, this blog provides you with the latest health advice to help you become Flat Out & Still Fabulous!

    • flavorrd


      Author: Mary Parsons

      flavorrd is a blog about mastering the art of feeding ourselves. Join nutrition discussions, and find recipes for foods that nourish the body and satisfy the appetite. The site focuses on whole foods, real science, and providing a steady source of information and inspiration.

    • Flavors of Nutrition

      Flavors of Nutrition

      Author: Hiral Modi

      Focus of this blog is healthy eating, weight loss and diabetes. Moreover, there are tips about simple ways to eat well, shopping healthy food, cooking hints, delicious healthy recipes and suggestions on how to choose healthy while eating out.

    • Food & an RD

      Food & an RD

      Author: Dua Aldasouqi

      Nutrition information for the average everyday person. Information varies from everyday tips to dispelling the crazy claims out there.

    • Food & Nonsense

      Food & Nonsense

      Author: Helen West

      Food & Nonsense is a healthy living, nutrition and lifestyle blog. It aims to provide a reliable source of nutrition information and show people that healthy living can be easy and fun!

    • Food and Fitness Fundamentals

      Food and Fitness Fundamentals

      Author: Lori Dodds

      My name is Lori Dodds, and I have been a staff member of The Corvallis Clinic for 19 years as a   registered and licensed dietitian. I am excited to blog about wellness-related topics, discussing various aspects of healthy living.

    • Food and Health with Timi Gustafson, R.D.

      Food and Health with Timi Gustafson, R.D.

      Author: Timi Gustafson

      As a clinical dietitian, book author, syndicated newspaper columnist and blogger, Timi Gustafson RD helps millions of people with their concerns about health, lifestyle and nutrition. Please visit

    • Food Child

      Food Child

      Author: Georgie Child

      A blog testing all the different ways of eating, along with new discoveries and recipes I discover along the way.

    • Food Diary of a Dietitian

      Food Diary of a Dietitian

      Author: Kathleen Bundy

      Food Diary of a Dietitian was inspired by the frequent questions like  ”how do you do it?” and “what do you eat?”. Almost daily I’m experimenting with ways to make healthy eating convenient, delicious, and fun.

    • Food Fit Fabulous

      Food Fit Fabulous

      Author: Susan Mitchell

      You can be fabulous now! is your go-to website for the food you love, how to be fit for life and fabulous everyday.

    • Food For Thought RD

      Food For Thought RD

      Author: Kimberly Marsh

      I work hard to make healthy, interesting, and tasty food for my family. “Healthy eating” doesn’t require “perfect eating.” Healthy eating is a continuum, and no one is perfect. As long as we swing toward the “healthy” end more often than not, I feel like we are doing great.

    • Food Info

      Food Info

      Authors: Donnell Alexander , Jane Dodd

      A discussion on nutrition and food communication. Simple, commonsense messages are what people need but there is an art to achieving this while retaining scientific accuracy and not adding to the confusion!

    • Food Matters 365

      Food Matters 365

      Author: Mona Bostick

      Food Matters 365 strives to provide practical, up-to-date, research based nutrition information as well as the occasional recipe to help you eat better and feel better.

    • Food Moment

      Food Moment

      Author: Maggie Basiaga

      Join me in my food and nutrition journey where I discover new foods, new recipes, new restaurants and new dishes! Tag along with me in my posts where I post my own pictures and share my personal experiences with food.

    • Food NE/RD

      Food NE/RD

      Author: Tali Sedgwick

      Tali Sedgwick is a Nutrition Educator (NE) & Registered Dietitian (RD) or a Food NE/RD! She has a private practice in SF,CA. Her blog shares nutrition tidbits,recipes(mostly vegetarian) & book reviews to support your journey to eat well & feel well.

    • Food Sense Nutrition

      Food Sense Nutrition

      Author: Danielle VenHuizen

      Being that I specialize in food sensitivities, I tend to write about topics pertaining to those who have IBS, migraines, fibromyalgia or other digestive disorders. I also love writing about pregnancy and child nutrition and the unique nutritional needs of those groups.

    • Food Sensi

      Food Sensi

      Author: Jennifer Birge

      My name is Jen Birge. I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and I specialize in food sensitivities. I offer a unique test called the Mediator Release Test and Lifestyle Eating and Performance Diet. This diet is specifically for each person and calms the immune response.

    • Food Talk

      Food Talk

      Author: Sarah Drake

      This blog dishes up health and wellness facts, recipe ideas, and interesting/fun tips and tricks for those interested in health and wellness. The blog and its contents are aimed at college-aged students.

    • Food To Fit

      Food To Fit

      Author: Brooke Bulloch

      Food To Fit offers evidence-based yet practical nutrition support that fits your life, your sport, your workplace! Our blog topics include infant nutrition, family friendly recipes, weight management, allergies, food sustainability, and current trends and controversies.

    • Food Trainers

      Food Trainers

      Author: Lauren Slayton

      Lauren Slayton MS RD is founder of Foodtrainers, a private nutrition practice in NYC, and blogs to keep it fresh and fun for clients, friends and followers. Foodtrainers is here to help close the gap between what you “know” and what you do.

    • Food, Family, and Furry Friends

      Food, Family, and Furry Friends

      Author: Karla Dumas

      As a dietitian and mother, I am working to promote personal health and well-being for the entire family, while leaving a positive footprint for all one meal at a time! My blog explores plant-based eating for the whole family with easy to follow recipes and resources.

    • Food4Passion


      Author: Danielle Townsend

      A gathering place for food lovin’ conversation; mostly about cooking and recipes.

    • Foodie Runner Family

      Foodie Runner Family

      Author: Kim McDevitt

      Dietitian and her husband share their musings around shared passions: running, food, family and laughter, through heartfelt honest posts.

    • Foodnuti


      Author: Stephanie Karpinske

      Foodnuti is a blog about back-to-basics cooking, eating, and living. Get practical tips and simple yet delicious recipes to help you get back to eating more whole foods and fewer processed foods. You’ll also get expert advice on healthy weight loss.

    • FoodRx


      Author: Frances O’Neil

      My blog addresses the underlying causes of many chronic diseases.  I am keen on the mental aspects of chronic disease and therefore post on the physiological and neurological or mental aspects of a disease and disease management.

    • Foods With Judes: Simple Savory Solutions

      Foods With Judes: Simple Savory Solutions

      Author: Judith Scharman

      Take my healthy food challenge every month to feel great and lose body fat while making super nutritious foods into fast, family favorites. Join me in my quest to prepare healthy, scrumptious food in no time!

    • FoodSavvy with Lorelle Del Matto

      FoodSavvy with Lorelle Del Matto

      Author: Lorelle Del Matto

      Healthful recipes and evidence-based nutrition information from Lorelle Del Matto.

    • Foodwatch


      Author: Catherine Saxelby

      Foodwatch reviews diets and taste-tests new products to cut through nutrition confusion and enable you to eat right. Reviewers are RDs. We rate them out of 50 for taste, nutrition, convenience & sustainability.

    • FoodWise Nutrition

      FoodWise Nutrition

      Author: Autumn Hoverter

      FoodWise Nutrition provides nutrition information in an easy, approachable manner, along with delicious gluten-free recipes and stunning food photography.  I advocate a whole-foods, whole-life approach and want you to eat for your mind, body.

    • Foodworksblog


      Author: Sally Feltner

      Food, diet and nutrition information has alway been  susceptible to faddism and sometimes fraud.  Everyone has an opinion about food – this site is intended to sort out fact from fiction.  Most of the articles are based on the best evidence we know.

    • For I was Hungry

      For I was Hungry

      Author: Kristina DeMuth

      R.D. working towards reducing the rate of malnutrition in around the world through nutrition education, menu planning, meal costing, and helping communities be creative with nutritious dense foods available in their markets.

    • Former Fatty: Living Fit in a Fat World

      Former Fatty: Living Fit in a Fat World

      Author: Leah Barron

      Nutrition and fitness from the viewpoint of a former fatty turned fitness and nutrition professional. You can look forward to posts on recipes, my adventures in the quest for physical fitness and the latest from the ever changing world of nutrition.

    • Frances Arnold

      Frances Arnold

      Author: Frances Arnold

      Are you considering a gluten-free life and could use expert support? Are you ready to improve your weight, your energy, or your digestion? Are you looking for expert guidance for creating a deliciously nourishing life? If so, you’re in the right place!

    • French Fries To Flax Seeds

      French Fries To Flax Seeds

      Author: Marianne Bloudoff

      My ramblings on all things food – generally healthy, sometimes indulgent, but always delicious. Featuring local eats, recipes, reviews, with the odd cat picture thrown in for good measure.

    • Fresh Off the Vine: Great Ideas to Eat Local, Green and Healthy!

      Fresh Off the Vine: Great Ideas to Eat Local, Green and Healthy!

      Author: Denise Barratt Barratt

      Fresh Off the Vine helps you create a healthier lifestyle with fresh ideas on adding local, green and sustainably grown food in your daily routine and provide you the chance to meet local farmers, food artisans and other local food heroes. Food writer, Denise Barratt is a registe

    • Fresh Squeezed Nutrition

      Fresh Squeezed Nutrition

      Author: Lindsey Toth

      In this fast paced world, nutrition information can be confusing. Fresh Squeezed Nutrition is here to break down the science of nutrition into easy & delicious bites – following trends, sharing recipes, & handing out fresh squeezed fun along the way.

    • Fresh Start Nutrition

      Fresh Start Nutrition

      Author: Melanie Zook

      Fresh Start Nutrition is your resource for personalized nutrition, wellness, and organizational solutions for you & your home.  Let this be your guide for an everyday healthy kitchen & lifestyle, so that you can have a Fresh Start…every day.

    • fresh-you


      Author: Colleen Grossner

      Simply refreshing wellness for improved quality of life!  Colleen is passionate about helping people become healthier inside and out!  This mom of 3, soccer player, and runner, shares insights, advice, helpful hints, and nutrition words of wisdom!

    • Fuel for Endurance

      Fuel for Endurance

      Author: JJ Mayo

      Fuel for Endurance helps endurance athletes improve their race times by sharing practical sports nutrition information. It covers all things endurance nutrition related providing training tips, recipes ideas, and the latest research athletes can use to improve their next workout.

    • Fuel Right Nutrition

      Fuel Right Nutrition

      Author: Margaret Mielczarek

      A blog on all things nutrition, sports nutrition, recipes, my personal nutrition (‘Eat like a Sports Dietitian’) and my training and racing updates.

    • Fuel the Fire

      Fuel the Fire

      Author: Jackie Dikos

      I’m a Registered Dietitian and competitive runner dedicated to providing nutrition information to runners.  I offer tips, recipes, and personal training experiences in an effort to support the performance and overall health of fellow runners.

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    • Gabrielle Maston “Living a healthy life exotically”

      Gabrielle Maston "Living a healthy life exotically"

      Author: Gabrielle Maston

      Living A Healthy Life Exotically is my view of the world, as a health professional who has a drive for life & loves adventure. My professional background as a Sports & Clinical Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist & personal trainer allows me to decipher fact from fiction in all things nutrition and fitness. My job is to take information and break it down, to make it understandable & user friendly. Health is not only about the science of the human body, it’s also about the mind. Self belief, body love & trying new things, builds confidence & ultimately good health. When you Live Life Exotically you stand out from the crowd, you *sparkle*

    • GardenCuizine


      Author: Diana Wind

      Healthy Lifestyle, Food and Nutrition Connecting families to nutritious food through gardening

    • Georgie Fear

      Georgie Fear

      Author: Georgie Fear

      Ask a Registered Dietitian any nutrition question, browse through articles, and learn some smart, proven strategies to live healthier! Scoop up some nutritious mouthwatering recipes along the way.

    • Global Dietitians

      Global Dietitians

      Author: Romina Barritta de Defranchi

      Global dietitians is a fun place to share and network between for food and nutrition professionals from around the world.

    • Glowing Nutrition

      Glowing Nutrition

      Author: Sandra Trinidad

      Sandra is an RD with a passion for making eating fun, educational and nutritious. Follow her blog to learn more about healthy eating, weight management and more.

    • go green get lean

      go green get lean

      Author: Kate Geagan

      A go to guide on the latest in lean and green cuisine-helping the public find that intersection between the state of our plate and the state of our planet-providing seasonal tips, shopping strategies and resources to trim your waist AND your waste.

    • Go-To Nutrition Blog

      Go-To Nutrition Blog

      Author: Lara Ulfers

      Written by a sports dietitian and health educator with a passion for motivating and applying positive nutrition and behavioral practices through an honest, often humorous, and down-to-earth approach to health. Information on: sports nutrition, weight management, easy cooking tips

    • God, Food, Run

      God, Food, Run

      Author: JeJe Noval

      An educational blog encouraging people to live a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and exercise with God at the center of it all.

    • Good Food Tastes Good

      Good Food Tastes Good

      Author: Elizabeth Patton

      Healthy eating can be simple, flavorful, enjoyable, affordable & achievable. On my  blog, you’ll find recipes, tips to simplify healthy eating and all sorts of other stuff related to food and nutrition. Discover how easy it can be to enjoy good food!

    • Goodness Gracious Living

      Goodness Gracious Living

      Author: Beth Rosen

      A Registered Dietitian blogging about living a healthy life. Topics include tips on current nutrition trends, recipes for everyone – even those with food intolerances and allergies, and sustainable living interest pieces including organic gardening and upcycled crafting.

    • Gourmet Gypsy

      Gourmet Gypsy

      Author: Stephanie Dee

      Eat, Travel, Play. I am a Dietitian living in Brisbane, combining my love for food and nutrition with travel to give you hot tips and tricks, reviews and inspiration.

    • Grainddiction


      Author: Dea Krismarietta

      Grainddiction is a food and nutrition blog owned by an Accredited Practising Dietitian. The contents are mostly educational and evidence-based. You can also find healthy recipes on grainddiction.

    • Grapefruit & Granola

      Grapefruit & Granola

      Author: Sam Collins

      Grapefruit & Granola is a healthy living blog that features nutrition tips and recipes from Sam Collins, a registered dietitian.

    • Grub For Gratitude

      Grub For Gratitude

      Author: Lisa Danielson

      Grub for Gratitude is a blog with tips and tricks from a Minnesota Supermarket Dietitian- living and love the most important gift you can give yourself… a healthy lifestyle!

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    • HÄLSA Nutrition

      HÄLSA Nutrition

      Author: Maria Adams

      Maria Adams is a Swedish-born Registered Dietitian and mother of two boys with a love for cooking and baking and living healthfully. Follow her HÄLSA Nutrition blog for recipes, nutrition advice, and more.

    • Happy Healthy RD

      Happy Healthy RD

      Author: Amy Getman

      Happy Healthy RD is a blog that focuses on healthy living, homemade foods, and finding that balance between being healthy and still happy.

    • HappyDietitian


      Author: Wendy Wu is a blog covering health, nutrition, beauty and more.

    • Health 411

      Health 411

      Author: Robin Arora-Desilet

      Registered Dietitian Robin Arora-Desilet helping you to get clarity about nutrition fads, facts, and fiction. Come here for up to date nutrition, health, and wellness information & follow me on twitter as I experiment with new recipes and share delicious, nutritious food ideas.

    • Health and Happiness

      Health and Happiness

      Author: Ingrid Jorud

      Food that is good for you doesn’t need to be anything less than tasty. Healthy recipes, the life of a dietitian, and guides to finding life’s happiness.

    • Health and the City

      Health and the City

      Author: Caitlin Reid

      Health and the City stands for balance, fitness, food, happiness and wellness. Health and the City aims to inspire, energise and empower you to bring your focus back to all things wellbeing, so that you can love your life.

    • Health Dish

      Health Dish

      Author: Rachael Heer

      We live in a complicated world. Sometimes we put our health and wellness on the back-burner. That doesn’t have to be the case. Let Health Dish be your inspiration. A personal collection of nutrition musings brought to you by two sisters, Rachael Heer and Sharon Heer.


      Authors: Sofia Layarda, Gloria Tsang – fun and practical diet tips from the largest online nutrition network run by dietitians. Spreading the goodness of nutrition is our passion.

    • Healthfully Ever After

      Healthfully Ever After

      Author: Carlene Thomas

      Delicious and unique recipes for healthy hostessing, a dash of wedding wellness for healthfully ever after, and de-bunking fad diets by a dietitian in heels.

    • Healthy Bites

      Healthy Bites

      Author: Katie Cavuto

      The Healthy Bites Blog is all about promoting simple, delicious, approachable food for everyday use. We promote real foods, the importance of cooking for health and wellness, and the principle of food as your medicine.

    • Healthy Eating for Families

      Healthy Eating for Families

      Authors: Mary Mullen, Jodie Shield

      Welcome to Healthy Eating for Families! If you’re trying to raise a healthy eater in a fattening world, you have come to the right place. Here you will find the latest nutrition news broken down into bite-size pieces of information and practical tips.

    • Healthy Eating Karma

      Healthy Eating Karma

      Authors: Para Mehta, RD, LD

      Find reliable information on what healthy eating is and how to make it a lifestyle. The purpose is to educate visitors on how healthy eating is the foundation to creating a healthy karma.

    • Healthy Eats

      Healthy Eats

      Authors: Toby Amidor, Dana Angelo White

      Lead by a dedicated team of culinary and nutrition professionals, Healthy Eats is about more than just food — we want to help you make the wisest, healthiest everyday choices.

    • Healthy Grocery Girl

      Healthy Grocery Girl

      Author: Megan Roosevelt

      Your Guide To Shop, Cook & Eat Plant-Based. Healthy Grocery Girl provides recipes, how-to cooking videos and more to help you transition into and enjoyably maintain a plant-based lifestyle.

    • Healthy Heddleston

      Healthy Heddleston

      Author: Katie Heddleston

      Healthy Heddleston is the blog about Katie Heddleston and her life as a gluten-free RD who runs half marathons. She is also a newly stay at home mom and has been blogging about her postpartum journey

    • Healthy Home Cafe

      Healthy Home Cafe

      Author: Caroline Trickey

      Mainly healthy recipes to show people that healthy food is tasty and delicious, easy to prepare and interesting. There is some content on how to eat healthy and current nutrition information I run cooking classes in Sydney which are listed on the blog as well

    • Healthy Kids Challenge Blog

      Healthy Kids Challenge Blog

      Authors: Diana Floyd, Claudia Hohnbaum, Vickie James, Tammy Simons, Sarah Wamsley

      Dedicated to helping schools, programs, and communities with solutions to support kids and families make healthy nutrition and activity choices.  Offers ideas for putting the latest news and research into action, using 6 evidence-based behaviors.

    • Healthy Kosher Eating with Chana

      Healthy Kosher Eating with Chana

      Author: Chana Rubin

      A blog about healthy eating for the kosher consumer and anyone interested in eating well. Healthy seasonal recipes, nutrition advice, fitness tips and more.

    • Healthy You Nutrition

      Healthy You Nutrition

      Author: Stephanie Musillo

      Healthy You Nutrition is a future business idea that is dedicated to Health and Wellness promotion. Individuals will find daily blog posts regarding nutrition, health and wellness, as well as healthy recipes.

    • Heart Healthy Tips – Lisa Nelson RD

      Heart Healthy Tips - Lisa Nelson RD

      Author: Lisa Nelson

      Easy, practical tips to promote heart health with steps to lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and lose weight provided by dietitian Lisa Nelson.

    • Heather Goesch Nutrition

      Heather Goesch Nutrition

      Author: Heather Goesch

      A space to connect more personally with seasonal recipes, tips to nourish a busy life, and the latest nutrition news. I strive to find joy and balance in a healthy lifestyle, and hope to encourage you to do the same… because when you live a life you love, it will love you back!

    • Heather’s Blog


      Author: Heather Mangieri

      Written by mom and sports dietitian Heather Mangieri, this blog’s main message is about eating real food to maximize health and athletic performance for all ages. Heather shares tips & tricks for eating right when it matters most.

    • Holistic Health

      Holistic Health

      Author: Juhi Mittal

      Since childhood looking at the long family background of doctors and engineers, I had planned something different for myself. As I grew… I realized that one thing you actually can’t neglect is your HEALTH. It was then, I realized my passion of being a nutritionist. I am a regis

    • Holley Grainger Nutrition

      Holley Grainger Nutrition

      Author: Holley Grainger

      Registered dietitian and mom, Holley Grainger, understands the struggles parents face when striving to feed themselves and their families healthy, nutritious meals. She offers doable, real-world nutrition tips and cooking advice that will leave you feeling energized and inspired.

    • Holly Larson, MS, RD

      Holly Larson, MS, RD

      Author: Holly Larson

      I’m a Registered Dietitian and foodie and am excited share my blog with you and your kitchen; it has oodles of recipes and and tips that will empower you to create delicious meals fast that are light on your budget, your waistline and on the planet.


    • Homemade Nutrition

      Homemade Nutrition

      Author: AMBER Ketchum

      I believe great nutrition starts at home and doesn’t have to be complicated! I’m always looking for simple, beautiful recipes that are delicious and can be enjoyed by anyone!

    • Hope Warshaw

      Hope Warshaw

      Author: Hope Warshaw

      Warshaw’s blog ranges from cut to the chase, up to the minute advice about managing diabetes and mastering weight control, to practical tips for healthier restaurant eating. Blogs are founded on evidence with an eye towards what’s doable in the real world.

    • How about them apples blog

      How about them apples blog

      Author: Nadine Pazder

      Food and Nutrition from the textbook to your table. Adam and I are both RDs, and mother and son. He has the additional skill set that comes from being a Chef.

    • How to Eat

      How to Eat

      Two food loving soul-mates (and registered dietitians) cooking up a storm and providing tips and tricks to eat well. Recipes categories include: Recipe Makeovers, Quickie Meals, Easy Lunches, Grab-and-Go Breakfasts, Slow Cooker Meals, Snack Healthy.

    • How To Eat, R.D.

      How To Eat, R.D.

      Author: Lauren Ross

      How to Eat, R.D.: Nutrition Science for Real Life is a blog dedicated to turning nutrition science into suggestions that apply to the average person’s every day. Answering FAQs from nutrition counseling sessions, discussing relevant news topics, and sharing healthy products.

    • Hungry Hobby

      Hungry Hobby

      Author: Kelli Shallal

      Hungry for real food, fitness and fun! Hungry Hobby is a daily food and fitness blog designed by Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Kelli Shallal. Posts include meal plans, healthy recipes, quick meal ideas, nutrition and fitness tips for busy people, athletes, and families.

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    • I Ain’t No Chef

      I Ain

      Author: April Saunders

      This is a site for people who do not like to cook, like me, but have resigned themselves to the fact that they must, like I did. To help with this solemn realization, I share recipes and feature fab food products. Anything to make life in the kitchen easier and more fun!


      Author: Ryan Baggett

      A blog about using nutrition to fuel an active lifestyle. As a dietitian and a runner I aim to make healthy and delicious foods that are never boring and will keep you energized. Let me share with you my real-life kitchen adventures and lots of great nutrition tips!

    • In Wealth and Health

      In Wealth and Health

      Author: Jessa Nowak

      Credible health and nutrition information, great recipes, success strategies, business lessons and maintaining a happy life. All brought to you by a dietitian and a savvy businessman.

    • Inside Karen’s Kitchen

      Inside Karen

      Author: Karen Mangum

      Inside Karen’s Kitchen, a healthy food blog fueled by foods that nourish and heal, is loaded with tasty recipes and health tips. I am a registered dietitian with over 30 years of experience as a food writer for Cooking Light magazine, a cookbook author and sports nutritionist.

    • Inspired RD

      Inspired RD

      Author: Alysa Bajenaru

      Join Alysa and her family as they challenge you to live life inspired. On, you will find simple gluten-free recipes, fitness tips, practical nutrition information and inspirational photography. Alysa also shares what it’s like to live life with celiac disease.

    • Inspired Wellness Solutions

      Inspired Wellness Solutions

      Author: Chrissy Carroll

      The Inspired Wellness Solutions blog provides quality nutrition information, fitness tips, and healthy recipes, along with a few funny personal anecdotes woven in along the way.  Posts are written by Chrissy Carroll, Registered Dietitian.

    • Inspiring Nutrition for Life

      Inspiring Nutrition for Life

      Author: Erin Anderson

      Translating evidence-based guidelines and current research into practical applications you can use in your everyday life. Strong underpinnings in good nutrition and fitness for every lifestyle and behaviorally focused tips.

    • Interstitial Cystitis Diet: Confident Choices

      Interstitial Cystitis Diet: Confident Choices

      Author: Julie Beyer

      The Interstitial Cystitis Diet (IC Diet) is one of the first line treatments for this painful bladder disorder. Blog includes bladder friendly recipes, meal planning, stress management, and other coping strategies for IC patients.

    • Intuitive Eating Blog

      Intuitive Eating Blog

      Authors: Elyse Resch, Evelyn Tribole

      Our mission is to help people create a healthy relationship, with food, mind and body, through Intuitive Eating. We share news, views, and

    • Intuitive Mama

      Intuitive Mama

      Author: Jordann Kearns

      I am Jordann. I am a wife, mother, Registered Dietitian turned blogger. I have a passion for teaching the principles of Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size, and Ellyn Satter’s Family Feeding Dynamics. My greatest hope is that I raise my daughter to love, and trust her body.

    • Intuitive Nutrition

      Intuitive Nutrition

      Author: Heather Rudalavage

      My blog is about nutrition with an emphasis on tuning into one’s “inner wisdom” to know what when and how much to eat. I talk about making sure you are taking care of yourself on many levels to prevent turning to food as a sole source of pleasure. I use a holistic, non-diet approach in my practice. I sometimes include recipes and book reviews.

    • iUBER Wellness – EAT PLAY SLEEP TALK

      iUBER Wellness - EAT PLAY SLEEP TALK

      iUBER Wellness offers practical tips, strategies, and resources for a balanced approach to wellness. We focus on 4 key areas to achieve optimum health: EAT PLAY SLEEP TALK. We believe the pursuit of health should be simple and fun!

    • i_amEatingRight


      Author: Kareen Turner

      I’m a Registered Dietitian talking about my love for all things food, health, and fitness-related. Join me as I explore all the world has to offer nutritionally!

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    • Jae Berman Nutrition

      Jae Berman Nutrition

      Author: Jae Berman

      Jae wants everyone to be more connected to their food. She finds a way to make nutrition work for you! Think of her as the friend you have always wanted who tells you how it really is, and what you need to do to improve your life

    • Jenmi Jenmi: The Registered Dietitian and the Student

      Jenmi Jenmi: The Registered Dietitian and the Student

      Author: Jennifer Miyagawa

      Jenmi Jenmi is a healthy lifestyle blog, chronicling the healthy lives of a register dietician and a dietetic student. The blog follows our lives through food and fitness which includes our favorite recipes, stories, healthy living, career, happiness

    • Jessica Bailes, APD

      Jessica Bailes, APD

      Author: Jessica Bailes

      Hi there! My name is Jessica, I’m a Sydney-based Nutritionist and Accredited Practicing Dietitian. I believe it is important to find a nutrition solution that maximises both physical and mental health.

    • Joanne Arena, MS, RD

      Joanne Arena, MS, RD

      Author: Joanne Arena

      My blog is focused on a non-diet approach to weight management as well as health promotion and eating disorder prevention. I like to promote intuitive eating as well as “normal eating” and do not promote dieting. I also love to share healthy and enjoyable meal ideas.

    • Joy of Kosher

      Joy of Kosher

      Author: Tamar Genger

      Joy of Kosher provides interesting articles on food and wine. With menu ideas, holiday planning and tips and tricks for anyone in the kitchen.

    • Juggling with Julia

      Juggling with Julia

      Author: Julia Robarts

      How does a busy working mom of three fit in everything and still get healthy meals on the table? Even a nutrition expert has to work at it — it’s all about juggling. I blog about healthy, family-friendly meals with a side of humor and humility.

    • Jump, Jive & Kale!

      Jump, Jive & Kale!

      Author: Kim Klee

      I am an RD looking to inspire readers to live a healthy lifestyle through tasty recipes, exercise ideas, and quality information about nutrition topics in the news! As my job entails working with children, you may find some tips for feeding these picky little ones, too!

    • Just Add Fudge

      Just Add Fudge

      Author: Staci Fudge

      This is a blog that contains healthy recipes, restaurant reviews, nutrition articles, and information on food events in Edmonton, Alberta.

    • Just Ripe Nutrition

      Just Ripe Nutrition

      Author: Jamie Campbell

      Just Ripe Nutrition is my way of demonstrating and sharing how I stay healthy and find balance in my life. Here you’ll find healthy recipes, weight loss tips, workouts, book reviews and the perfect workout clothing! Being healthy means finding what works for you!

    • Just The Right Byte

      Just The Right Byte

      Author: Jill Castle

      Just The Right Byte is focused on children, and by default, their parents.  It is focused on pediatric nutrition.  Specifically, the challenges, successes, and secrets to raising healthy children of all ages. At a time when childhood obesity is at its peak, eating disorders.

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    • Kale & Cookie Dough

      Kale & Cookie Dough

      Author: Lauren Medeiros

      Kale and Cookie Dough is a healthy cooking blog with sprinklings of not so healthy desserts, Blog posts focus on making healthy choices and avoiding not so savory ingredients found in some store bought foods.

    • Kari On Nutrition

      Kari On Nutrition

      Author: Kari Ikemoto

      Los Angeles based Registered Dietitian sharing my favorite recipes, kitchen experiences, athletic events, and my take on nutrition and dietetics.

    • Kate’s Plate


      Author: Kate Gudorf

      Fad bunking, myth busting, nutrition “watchdog” blogging. Relevant and timely nutrition posts, weekly recipe and guest bloggers.

    • Kath Eats Real Food

      Kath Eats Real Food

      Author: Kath Younger

      Kath Younger, RD writes a popular healthy food blog read by over 15,000 visitors a day from around the world. KERF is a celebration of life through the lens of food. Kath writes about everything from recipes to organization tips to encouraging readers to try new “real” foods.

    • Katie L Elliott

      Katie L Elliott

      Author: Katie Elliott

      Encouraging women to enjoy food but look to Jesus for ultimate satisfaction.

    • Katie Serbinski: For the Love of Family, Food, and Health

      Katie Serbinski: For the Love of Family, Food, and Health

      Author: Katie Serbinski

      For the Love of Food, Family, and Health gives me the opportunity to connect with families online and build a network as a trusted source of food and nutrition information. I blog about all things family and food related, including healthy recipes and musings about motherhood.

    • Keep it Fresh, Keep it Green

      Keep it Fresh, Keep it Green

      Author: Beth Mack

      A sarcastic, yet educational nutrition blog written to help people navigate the ever evolving and confusing world of nutrition, without over loading readers with big words and meaningless numbers. This blog breaks down information for people to understand and apply to their lives

    • Keep Your Diet Real

      Keep Your Diet Real

      Author: Corrine Fischer

      Keep Your Diet Real is a place to find quick and healthy meal ideas. Our mission is to improve the quality of family life – one meal at a time.

    • Keeping up with the Dietitian

      Keeping up with the Dietitian

      Author: Lindsay Pugliese

      Keep up with the latest new topics in the nutrition industry, learn healthy alternatives to cooking and baking and keep up with the dietitian as she brings adventures to your way.

    • Kelly Hinds Nutrition

      Kelly Hinds Nutrition

      Author: Kelly Hinds

      A blog focused on making supportive nutrition choices to become an intuitive eater. You won’t find any good or bad food talk here! We focus on incorporating all foods for a guilt-free experience & are passionate supporters of a health at every size approach to life.

    • Kelly’s Healthy Kitchen


      Author: Kelly Toups

      I am a Boston-based Registered Dietitian, Food Activist, and Healthy Lifestyle Expert. My blog is about food, nutrition, and lifestyle, from a Registered Dietitian.

    • Kelly’s Pantry


      Author: Kelly Strogen

      Kelly’s Pantry is filled with information meant to keep everyone updated on the latest nutrition research and recommendations. Explore my blog pantry to learn about healthy foods, find interesting recipes, and be prepared to think about food and nutrition in a whole new way. Afte

    • KickStarter60


      Author: Mindy Nichols

      60 days DASH Diet menu plans, recipes and daily emails for weight loss. Blog post discussion include weight loss, heart health, behavior change & health literacy. Easy to understand and practical ways to lose weight & keep it off. Using the DASH Meal Plans ensures heart health.

    • Kid Kritics

      Kid Kritics

      Authors: Carolina Jantac, Jaimie Proctor

      We explore products and recipes that are better food choices for children and family, which have been not only approved by us dietitians but also awarded Kid Kritics Seal of Approval in a blind taste test with children! We also talk about current topics in nutrition for kids!

    • Kids Eat Right

      Kids Eat Right

      Author: Dee Dee Ugursal

      I would like to share with you all regarding the Kids Eat Right campaign. Kids Eat Right is an initiative launched in 2010 by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Foundation in the USA. It is aimed to support the efforts of the White House to end childhood obesity. Kids

    • Kids Kitchen

      Kids Kitchen

      Author: Leah Smith

      A family focused blog featuring recipes and tip for moms, kids, and families. We capture the kids’ faces and comments from our Kids Kitchen’s cooking classes for kids. You can find lunch box ideas, school birthday and holiday party food ideas, and recipes for your whole family.

    • Kindred Nutrition

      Kindred Nutrition

      Author: Amy Goldsmith

      Amy Goldsmith is a Registered and Licensed dietitian and owner of Kindred Nutrition, a private practice in Maryland. Amy created the Ask Amy blog to address all the ambiguous nutrition questions, statements, and fads that are printed, discussed, and debated. Need real answers on real nutrition? Ask Amy, I’ll get you the right information with the science behind it

    • Kitchen Therapy

      Kitchen Therapy

      Author: Linda Simon

      Healthy, easy, simple, tasty gluten-free recipes and nutrition. Overcome your kitchen issues.

    • Kleiner Nutrition

      Kleiner Nutrition

      Author: Rima Kleiner

      Registered dietitian and mom of two, Rima shares recipes, tips and resources to help busy parents and companies navigate the world of challenging feeders, food allergies and healthy eating.

    • KM Nutrition

      KM Nutrition

      Author: Karen Marschel

      Tips for preventing and managing diabetes and digestive health. Get information on research news, foods, recipes, exercise ideas, and more!

    • Kristen Yarker Nutrition Small Bites

      Kristen Yarker Nutrition Small Bites

      Author: Kristen Yarker

      Mini-articles for parents of picky kids and fussy eaters who are looking to provide good food for their children today…and instil a life-long LOVE of healthy eating. Covering how to get your kids to choose to try new foods (without being sneaky or deceptive).

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    • Lauren Cohen Nutrition

      Lauren Cohen Nutrition

      Author: Lauren Cohen

      I have had the opportunity to change the lives’ of my clients through nutrition & lifestyle counseling. My blog allows me to take my counseling from the confines of the four walls of my office to a broader audience with the hopes to revolutionize how you live, eat and think.

    • Lauren Minchen Nutrition

      Lauren Minchen Nutrition

      Author: Lauren Minchen

      Lauren Minchen Nutrition is a nutrition and health blog that was created by Lauren Minchen, a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist based in NYC. Lauren seeks to inspire her followers to a healthy lifestyle by providing easy-to-access, accurate nutrition information!

    • LayneWorldRD


      Author: Layne Lieberman

      WorldRD by Layne Lieberman, RD promotes nutrition, respects food and inspires gourmands from around the world. Sign up today for FREE healthy recipes, tasty discoveries and nutrition news

    • Let’s Have Mixture


      Author: Jamey Levenson

      I am a Foodie, Mom, Wife, Dietitian. I love all things food. I collect recipes, pin recipes, read menus, cookbooks, try new recipes, try new restaurants, visit favorite restaurants. I am not a writer, but I am going to try and bring things to life on this blog. I hope to inspire

    • Lettuce Have Lettuce

      Lettuce Have Lettuce

      Authors: Laurie Knauf, Kristen Sedovic

      Two dietitians, a passion for healthy cooking, and a wealth of nutrition knowledge. We are dietitians on a mission to share our thoughts, know-how, and discoveries about food, nutrition, and cooking.

    • Libby’s Fit Nutrition


      Author: Elizabeth Parker

      Information on food, nutrition, and fitness from Registered Dietitian, and Certified Personal Trainer, Libby Parker. Focus on weight loss, eating disorders, and general health.

    • Life To Table

      Life To Table

      Two registered dietitians , Amanda and MIchelle, with a passion for healthy food and wholesome living. Recipes include anything ranging from vegan, gluten free, free range meat and down right ooey, gooey chocolate! We also provide tips on how to eat a nutritious diet.

    • Lifestyle Bytes

      Lifestyle Bytes

      Author: Gina Crome

      Lifestyle Bytes is a resource from Lifestyle Management Solutions; a fitness and nutrition consulting practice specializing in weight management through customized eating plans, personal training programs, and group education/support.

    • Lighten Up!

      Lighten Up!

      Written by a Registered Dietitian, Lighten Up! is a blog about daily wellness including recipes, tips and suggestions for healthy eating.

    • Live & Love to Eat

      Live & Love to Eat

      Author: Claire Marshall

      I’m a dietitian and bride-to-be from Pittsburgh, PA. I love to eat and experiment with new foods, recipes, and restaurants.  I am by no means the “food police” and love to indulge dessert, wine, and dark chocolate.  Everything in moderation.

    • LIVE IT

      LIVE IT

      Author: Dani Armbrust

      As a Registered Dietitian I am passionate about helping people live healthy lifestyles in a way that works for them. In addition, I think it is extremely important that I practice what I preach! I have developed this blog to share my tips and strategies for living well.

    • Live…Don’t Diet


      Author: Michelle Remkus

      My thought about healthy eating is that nothing is off the table. I love food and never want to limit myself from my favorites like ice cream or pizza. I’ve learned that the most important factor in healthy eating is a having a balanced diet, watching portions, and eating foods

    • Living Healthy With Miss Chef RD

      Living Healthy With Miss Chef RD

      Author: Melissa Villar

      Miss Chef RD is a blog that arms our readers with nutritional know-how & teaching them that healthy doesn’t have to mean boring or bland. Our readers are well prepared to fight the war against empty calorie foods and beverages!

    • Living Life with a Healthy Twist

      Living Life with a Healthy Twist

      Author: Kristen Johnson

      I am a Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer. I love to teach people how to eat healthy and live happy! I am a graduate from Western Michigan University with Bachelor degrees in both Exercise Science and Dietetics. I completed my Dietetic Internship at Spectrum

    • Living Well Kitchen

      Living Well Kitchen

      Author: Meme Inge

      Where good health & great taste mix together in the kitchen.

    • Liz On Food

      Liz On Food

      Author: Liz Marr

      Liz On Food is Registered Dietitian Liz Marr’s online buffet serving up recipes as well as insight, humor and advice on food and nutrition science, policy and trends.

    • London Nutrition Girl

      London Nutrition Girl

      Author: Ella Boger

      Thoughts of a young dietitian in the city – exploring London living and sharing the highlights as well as the truth about healthy eating.

    • Longevity Nutrition – It’s About Time

      Longevity Nutrition - It

      Author: Jacki Glew

      Ever wonder which foods and nutrients affect how long you live? Me too – this blog explores those often- asked questions I get working daily as an oncology dietitian.

    • Lori Zanini Nutrition

      Lori Zanini Nutrition

      Author: Lori Zanini

      This blog provided recipes, nutrition information, and healthy lifestyle strategies for everyone, especially those living with diabetes.

    • Lose Weight with Ruth

      Lose Weight with Ruth

      Author: Ruth Frechman

      Registered dietitian and certified personal trainer offering the best, trustworthy nutrition information and helpful tips for losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

    • Love Your Hear

      Love Your Hear

      Author: Carol Matta

      Here UK registered dietitian Carol Matta focuses on one aspect of eating for a healthy heart looking at some types of dietary fat.

    • Lunchbox Specialist News

      Lunchbox Specialist News

      Author: Kathleen Searles

      Tips, news and commentary on various nutrition topics including sports and performance, teens, local foods, aging well, and packed lunches.

    • LV’S Nutrition and Fitness Blog


      Author: Lara Veazey

      Dietetics and fitness expert Lara Veazey, MA, RD/LD, NSCA-CPT, owner of HLOKC has assisted many clients in successfully accomplishing their health goals. Lara has customized nutrition and exercise plans for clients of all ages. Her contagious passion for fitness and nutrition and practical approach to health inspires her clients to succeed in achieving their goals of a healthier lifestyle.

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    • Make Healthy Easy

      Make Healthy Easy

      Author: Jenna Braddock

      Real life strategies for better health from a dietitian, mom and football coach’s wife.

    • Making the Menu

      Making the Menu

      Author: Susan Nicholson

      Mission—to give readers a look into the life of the 7-Day Menu Planner’s recipe testing, successes, failures, new discoveries and food travels. Full disclosure: I’m an average cook with a lot of experience.

    • ManagedMacros


      Author: Teri Collins

      Clean, nutritious recipes focusing on fun because eating should be!

    • Marci RD Nutrition Consulting

      Marci RD Nutrition Consulting

      Author: Marci Anderson

      A blog written to inspire a healthy relationship with food and exercise, along with practical tips to incorporate healthy living despite a hectic lifestyle. Includes information for those with eating disorders,compulsive, binge, or emotional eating.

    • Marcia Nelson’s Blog

      Marcia Nelson

      Author: Marcia Nelson

      A Registered Dietitian specializing in sports nutrition and a lover of good food using healthy ingredients (and a few not so good-for-you treats!). I am fascinated by the influence of nutrition on sports performance.

    • Marina Stauffer

      Marina Stauffer

      Author: Marina Stauffer

      A blog about healthy eating ideas, tips, and recipes. Marina promotes cooking and supporting local food systems in order to meet nutritional needs. This blog addresses typical concerns such as busy lifestyles and the love of great tasting food.

    • maryopfernutrition


      Author: Mary Opfer

      My blog covers eating healthy and having great tasting food, healthy cooking techniques and recipes. I write about foods, diets, special interests and the food and health connection as well as eating for certain diseases.

    • Meal Makeover Moms

      Meal Makeover Moms

      Authors: Janice Bissex, Liz Weiss

      Janice Newell Bissex and Liz Weiss are registered dietitians and The Meal Makeover Moms. As two of the nation’s top experts on family nutrition, they’re on a mission to help busy families eat better.

    • Meals Matter

      Meals Matter

      Authors: Maureen Bligh, Mary Anne Burkman, Andrea Garen, Trina Robertson, Ashley Rosales

      The Meals Matter Blog offers advice and tips on using a positive and realistic approach for meal planning, healthy eating, feeding families and fitness. Posts are written by registered dietitians, staff and guests of the Dairy Council of California.

    • Megan Wallace RD

      Megan Wallace RD

      Author: Megan Wallace

      Megan Wallace RD is a blog I started to offer bits of information and insight on working through the web of nutrition myths and trends. All while bringing the focus back to food with quick, easy and healthy recipes, even the pickiest of eaters will love!

    • Meghan’s Healthy Helpings


      Author: Meghan Rafferty

      I am a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s Degree in Nutrition. I enjoy cooking, running, and reading about food, health and science. My hope for this blog is to provide sound nutrition information and to serve as a resource guide for any food or nutrition related questions. Not to mention sharing the occasional recipe, interesting health tidbits and in general, to have fun! I believe that every food has a place in your diet and the balance is key! My motto is simple: Good Food. Good Health. Good Life. Thank you for reading and enjoy!

    • megsfoodreality


      Author: Steffey Schrier

      Everyday life as a gluten free cook, RD, and personal trainer. Tips and healthy secrets I cook, or live by…

    • Melanie’s Nutrition and Wellbeing


      Author: Melanie McGrice

      Melanie’s blogs provide nutrition advice, suggestions for increasing your physical activity, strategies for dealing with emotional eating, lessons from experts and her professional opinion on a range of dietary issues.

    • Michelle Dudash

      Michelle Dudash

      Author: Michelle Dudash

      I’m Michelle Dudash, writer of this blog, a chef and nutrition expert obsessed with food. Mostly I will be sharing stories about inspiring dishes I make or encounter during my travels. The food and recipes I choose are natural and good for you.

    • MichNutrish’s Mission Nutrition


      Author: Michelle Rauch

      This interactive blog is a place to discuss the latest food, nutrition and health information; to learn tips and strategies for maintaining good health or reaching your own health goal.  Please send all questions regarding nutrition and health for discussion on this blog.

    • Mindful Meals

      Mindful Meals

      Author: Lauren Fowler

      A Registered Dietitian Nutritonist’s thoughts on the power of real, whole foods and mindful eating to achieve optimal health & well-being. Features foods and recipes for happy hormones & digestion, practical tips, and thoughts on enjoying your food, body, and life to the fullest.

    • Modest Nutrition

      Modest Nutrition

      Author: Shaistha Zaheeruddin

      Invest in Your Health to keep you young-at-heart, energetic and, potentially free of many diseases. Modest Nutrition is dedicated to teaching the public about healthy nutrition from a Registered Dietitian and to answer any questions you may have on diet, nutrition and health.

    • MohrResults


      Author: Chris Mohr provides daily nutrition and exercise information to help you quickly and safely reach your weight loss goals.

    • Mom Dishes It Out

      Mom Dishes It Out

      Author: Laura Cipullo

      Mom Dishes It Out recognizes the daily challenges faced by parents everywhere, from creating quick, wholesome meals to actually getting your kids to eat them. MDIO is a safe, non-judgmental space to learn and grow as parents. Remember, we are all in this kitchen together!

    • Mom RD

      Mom RD

      Author: Julie Przybyla

      I write about food, fitness and family from a dietitian’s perspective. I focus on meaningful content that dispells nutrition myths, provide my opinion about current nutrition and fitness trends as well as connecting with personal stories.

    • Mom’s Kitchen Handbook: Raising Fresh-Food Kids in a French-Fried World


      Author: Katie Morford

      Written by a freelance food and nutrition writer, and mother of three, the blog addresses all of the challenges of raising children with adventuresome appetites and healthy attitudes towards food.  Includes recipes, tips and advice.

    • Mommy Dietitian

      Mommy Dietitian

      Author: Angela Lemond

      Knowledge is one thing, but isn’t living it out the real challenge?  Angela translates evidence-based nutrition information into “news you can use,” bottom line details for the average family.  Focus: reviews of the best practical nutrition/healthy living resoures.

    • MommyhoodBytes


      Author: Erin Palinski-Wade

      ‘Bytes’ of information on nutrition, fitness, and motherhood

    • Montreal Nutrition

      Montreal Nutrition

      Author: Caryn Roll

      Montreal nutrition is a fun and informative nutrition blog written by local dietitian Caryn Roll.  She writes it how she sees it.  With 3 sons, a husband and business to run Caryn understands how challenging it can be to balance everything.

    • Morning by Morning Pathway to Health

      Morning by Morning Pathway to Health

      Author: Norma DeVault

      Your body is designed with the innate ability to stay healthy and to regain health. Morning By Morning Pathway to Health discusses ways we can achieve and maintain health from a natural, spiritual perspective.

    • Morse Nutrition

      Morse Nutrition

      Author: Eileen Morse

      Morse Nutrition will bring you trustworthy information regarding good nutrition & health practices. I am very excited about being a Registered Dietitian & Registered/Certified Pharmacy Technician.

    • Morsels


      Author: Marisa Moore

      My intention for this blog is to share current food and nutrition science and news with practical tips and strategies to make it realistic for you.

    • Motive Nutrition

      Motive Nutrition

      Author: Vanessa Perrone

      The Motive Nutrition blog is all about back to basics, real food and good health.
      You will find nutrition news, healthy eating tips and Italian-inspired recipes all to motivate you to eat well, love food and find your motive for better nutrition.

    • Moxie Musing

      Moxie Musing

      Author: Kristina DeMuth

      Kristina is a registered dietitian and master’s in public health student. She is passionate about helping people around the world obtain a healthy lifestyle by using whole, plant-based foods. Her experience living in Haiti has inspired her conscientious lifestyle choices.

    • MSGdish


      Author: Kitty Broihier

      MSGdish is your gateway to important information about glutamate, monosodium glutamate (MSG) and the many culinary creations inspired by “umami.” MSGdish hosts a broad array of information about umami, glutamate, and MSG, as well as tidbits about food, taste and health. Glutamat

    • Much More Than Food

      Much More Than Food

      Author: Bonnie Modugno

      Bonnie Modugno, MS, RD, challenges everyone to eat better despite an environment of abundance. Blogs address controversial issues & explore current nutrition research. Bonnie aims to honor food’s rightful place while tackling the practical aspects of purchasing & preparing food.

    • My Bottomless Boyfriend

      My Bottomless Boyfriend

      Author: Danielle Cushing

      My Bottomless Boyfriend is a food blog, written by a registered dietitian. Danielle cooks wholesome, healthy meals that are hearty enough to satisfy the hungriest man in her life. Both parties suffer from a sweet tooth, so expect to find some dessert recipes in there too!

    • My Coach Bev

      My Coach Bev

      Author: Bev Benda

      My Coach Bev’s Blog: your starting place for anyplace in the world! Want to improve your health, get your family’s health on track, lose weight, de-stress, de-clutter, or just simplify your life? Name your goal… and… on your mark, get set, start here!

    • My Food Life

      My Food Life

      Author: Claire Lackstone

      I am a registered dietitian and a self-proclaimed foodie. My whole life is food…my career, my hobby, my passion. Hopefully you will enjoy following my food journey along with me.

    • My Foodie Noodie

      My Foodie Noodie

      Author: Kayla McDonell

      Written by a Registered Dietitian with a holistic approach to health. Find nutrient packed recipes, expert health tips and daily motivation for healthy and happy living.

    • My Healthy Bites

      My Healthy Bites

      Author: Tracey Soulia

      Up to date information on a variety of nutrition topics, as well as yummy recipes made over to be healthier.

    • My Journey Making Peace with Food!

      My Journey Making Peace with Food!

      Author: Ellen Glovsky

      My blog is a conversation about “health at every size”, conscious eating, and managing your weight and health in a peaceful way.

    • My Kid Loves Broccoli

      My Kid Loves Broccoli

      Author: Tracey Zoleta

      Tracey Zoleta, Registered Dietitian in Orange County, California gives practical tips for families to make healthy choices and be physically active together

    • My love affair with food

      My love affair with food

      Author: Emma Stubbs

      A food and nutrition blog by Emma Stubbs APD Food is more than just fuel. It provides pleasure and enjoyment, it features in culture, social occasions & celebrations, and can act as a reward and a punishment for some. Emma discusses food, nutrition, recipes & the simple things.

    • My thoughts about food, nutrition & steps that will help you be a healthier you!

      My thoughts about food, nutrition & steps that will help you be a healthier you!

      Author: Monica Lebre

      The blog features general nutrition guidelines for healthy eating and weight management. It offers up to date and sound nutrition advice in a fun and interactive manner.

    • Myplate2yours


      Author: Lynn Dugan

      Feeding active families healthy meals is challenging.  As a nutrition professional, it’s even hard for me. Find my nutrition and health tips for active families at

    • MyRDNutritionist


      Author: Stephanie Lasher-Jones

      My RD Nutritionist is an online resource for nutrition information. This website is packed full of nutrition news, recipes, cooking techniques, weight loss tips, and nutrition myth busting. My expertise lies in adult weight management, sports nutrition, pregnancy and lactation.

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    • Namaste Nutrition Blog

      Namaste Nutrition Blog

      Author: Diana Cullum-Dugan

      Namaste Nutrition’s blog provides evidence-based and integrative practices (yoga, Ayurveda) for a low stress, optimally healthy and mindful lifestyle. Ah, so good. Beginner’s mind. Mindful awareness. Just this moment. No judgment. Just good reading. Welcome.

    • Natural Healing Nutritionist

      Natural Healing Nutritionist

      Author: Sarah Clark

      A traditionally trained dietitian’s awakening to the power of food as medicine for natural healing. Integrative and functional medicine based nutrition therapy for prevention and chronic disease management decoded.

    • Neily on Nutrition

      Neily on Nutrition

      Author: Jennifer Neily

      Eating right should not be difficult! Registered dietitian nutritionist & Wellcoach Certified Health Coach, Neily on Nutrition provides sound, science-based advice thru tips for healthier eating, debunking diet myths & giving deliciously nutritious recipes –

    • Net Nutritionist Blog

      Net Nutritionist Blog

      Author: Gay Riley

      Net Nutritionist blogs are created to discuss the latest in nutrition and health. The blog offers information on healthy eating, wholesome food selection, nutrition and fitness, environmental food issues, and nutrition and lifestyle.

    • Newlywed Nutrition

      Newlywed Nutrition

      Author: Cindy Huggins

      As a nutrition expert and a newlywed, I now face a journey of compromise, especially when it comes to food! Newlywed nutrition provides fitness and nutrition tips as well as husband approved recipes. Please, read along as I continue My mission: Healthy Huggins!

    • News Bites

      News Bites

      Author: Tracy Morris

      My blog looks at current events in nutrition and food. I review recently published news articles and provide evidence-based commentary on them. I also include occasional tips to have a healthy style!

    • Nibble On Nutrition

      Nibble On Nutrition

      Author: Chelsea Wojtowicz

      Healthy eating and weight management tips from a registered dietitian with recipes, featuring many vegetarian and vegan dishes as well as some with meat.

    • Nic’s Nutrition


      Author: Nichola Whitehead

      Nic’s Nutrition is about healthy recipes, nutrition & lifestlye tips and honest product reviews.

    • Nicola’s Nutritious Lifestyle


      Author: Nicola Morgan

      A blog to help spread healthy lifestyle habits, including exercise tips, nutritional facts and recipes. Used to share my knowledge and tips and show how a nutritious lifestyle which combines healthy eating with regular exercise can be fun, interesting and most of all easy!

    • Nicole Geurin, RD

      Nicole Geurin, RD

      Author: Nicole Geurin

      Bringing you the science and joys of nutrition! Healthy recipes, timely nutrition info, weight loss tips, dieting myths, videos and more.

    • Nicole’s Nutrition


      Author: Nicole German

      Healthy living and healthy eating, recipes, nutrition, fitness, and life.

    • Nina G. Rocca, RD, LD/N

      Nina G. Rocca, RD, LD/N

      Author: Nina Rocca

      Food blog regarding recipe alterations, cooking, nutrition tips and healthy living.

    • NJ Nutritionist

      NJ Nutritionist

      Author: Lorraine Matthews-Antosiewicz

      A blog about eating for the health of it. Weight loss advice, nutrition tips, and recipes.

    • No Excuses Health

      No Excuses Health

      Author: Amy Good

      A holistic approach to health. I have designed the four pillars of a healthful life that I focus on to help people create a more meaningful, mindful, life. The four pillars are sustainable nutrition, personal growth, joyous activity, and healthy relationships.

    • No Nonsense Nutritionist

      No Nonsense Nutritionist

      Author: Jamila Lepore

      A no nonsense approach to nutrition including recipes and articles ground in science but described in layman terms. I intend to expand the content – likely adding videos, breaking news in research / recalls, among other things.

    • Not On A Diet

      Not On A Diet

      Author: Sumner Brooks

      Not On A Diet is a blog designed to provide readers with support and information to establish a healthy relationship with food and to know what foods to eat for health, wellness and weight management.

    • NotoriousRD


      Author: Stephanie Brookshier

      I don’t believe in letting weight loss control your life. Immediacy and humor help people lose weight, not just talk about it! Knowing practical tools to deal with daily situations is the first step to reclaim your confidence, energy, and health.

    • Nourish RDs

      Nourish RDs

      Authors: Lisa Dixon, McKenzie Hall

      We are RDs on a mission to inspire others to eat real food, love their bodies & laugh a lot! We share recipes, nutrition news & tips, and stories about our friendship & journey. Our best (non)diet advice-eat real food & share it with those you love!

    • Nourished Avenue

      Nourished Avenue

      Author: Whitney Wright

      You have arrived! Nourished Avenue is a place to find accurate, interesting, and helpful nutrition information from a registered dietitian. You will find everything from recipes, to meal planning, to helpful nutrition tips!

    • Nourished Living

      Nourished Living

      Author: Christina Fitzgerald

      I’m a dietitian and mom of two young kids. I love sharing the latest scientific research on topics ranging from kids nutrition, food allergies, weight management, healthy cooking and healthy recipes, and more!

    • Nourished Simply

      Nourished Simply

      Author: Jennifer Lynn-Pullman

      Basic nutrition information including reviews of food and products.  Special focus on weight management.

    • nourishednation


      Author: Charlene Geary

      I am a mom and a registered dietitian with a passion for food and nutrition.  I blog on topics that interest me, including weight management, diabetes, and how to feed your family with healthy and delicious food – recipes included!

    • Nourishing Results

      Nourishing Results

      Author: Hana Feeney

      On this site you will find inspirational ideas, tasty recipes and current information from a nutrition expert. The recipes are gluten-free and focused on whole, unprocessed foods. Nourish yourself. Learn how. Get Results!

    • Nurturing Nutrition Notes

      Nurturing Nutrition Notes

      Author: Katie Mulligan

      This blog is for any family who has kids who eat! You will find reliable, practical information that you can use to bring healthy eating into your family’s daily life.

    • Nutri Choice 4 U

      Nutri Choice 4 U

      Author: Neha Kava

      We are Certified Nutrition Consultant and our main motto is to educate people through our expertise knowledge. We make sure that we make the learning process of the readers very simple. Through our knowledge in the field we want to spread good health and well being.

    • Nutri-Savvy’s Blog


      Author: Lauren O’Connor

      My Blog is designed to educate, inform and provide inspirational posts and recipes to promote health and well-being. Fresh, wholesome, natural foods is key. Nutri-Savvy’s motto: “Savor, Taste & Enjoy Nutrition!”

    • NutriciseDr


      Author: Karen Dolins

      My take on current Nutrition trends, including weight management, sports nutrition, food sensitivities, and general health and wellness. I use an evidence based approach to provide people with clear and practical nutrition knowledge.

    • Nutrition & Exercise Smoothie

      Nutrition & Exercise Smoothie

      Author: Christine Ardigo-Herkommer

      Welcome to your site for Nutrition and Exercise tips for real people. The ones that work full time. Have children and a home to juggle. The ones that have a busy social life, attend college or run a business. People that want to learn how to help themselves but need a little (or a lot) of motivation. Not only will I provide you with great ideas on how to eat healthy nutrient dense meals, but give you practical exercise tips to get you up and moving and motivation to keep you living an enjoyable life while having fun! I plan to upload new posts three times a month. So be sure to sign up and never miss the free advice. Inspiration is key!

    • Nutrition & You!

      Nutrition & You!

      Author: Joan Salge Blake

      I am a Clinical Associate Professor at Boston University. Author of Nutrition and You, 2012, and Nutrition and You: Core Concepts to Good Health, 2010. My hope is that my books and blog change the lives of those who read them.

    • Nutrition 101

      Nutrition 101

      Authors: Andrea Canada, Natalia Hancock

      The SPE Certified blog contains nutritional information and advice from registered dietitians, complemented by healthy and delicious recipes. We write about how different nutrients benefit the body in different ways, with the aim of helping our readers to maintain a healthy diet.

    • Nutrition A – Z

      Nutrition A - Z

      Author: Sandra Mikhail

      A blog with everything & anything about nutrition based on science based information. Up to date posts include hot topics, general information, recipes, tips & more! Basically, Nutrition made simple, sound & interactive.

    • Nutrition Adventures

      Nutrition Adventures

      Author: Karman Meyer

      Registered Dietitian with a passion for all things food! I’m on a quest for healthy and delicious food, both at home and in restaurants. Here, you can expect to find easy, nutritious recipes and tips for everyday health!

    • Nutrition And Culinary Solutions

      Nutrition And Culinary Solutions

      Author: Kristyn Hall

      Achieve health and wellness with nutrition and culinary solutions. Enjoy food that nourishes. Find recipes, tips and comments on nutrition in the news.

    • Nutrition and Fitness in the real world

      Nutrition and Fitness in the real world

      Author: Amy Culberson

      I am a private practice dietitian. I specialize in sports nutrition, weight management, eating disorders, allergies/GI disorders, etc. My blog is about eating healthy and fitness in the real world. I am also a personal trainer and fitness instructor.

    • Nutrition and Wellness Bytes

      Nutrition and Wellness Bytes

      Author: Michelle Loy

      A Registered Dietitian guides you and your family to an optimal level of nutrition, health, and well-being by delivering practical, effective, and cutting edge strategies. We will explore nutrition trends, share recipes, and answer burning questions.

    • Nutrition Awareness

      Nutrition Awareness

      Author: Megan Ware

      Join me as I try new recipes, make old favorites healthier and debunk myths about food trends, dieting and weight loss.

    • Nutrition Budgeteer

      Nutrition Budgeteer

      Author: Barbara Boyce

      Dr. Barb helps families eat healthier for less. She provides low-cost, healthy recipes, strategies, and tips.

    • Nutrition By Carrie

      Nutrition By Carrie

      Author: Carrie Dennett

      Achieving optimal health, one bite at a time, using mindfulness and intuitive eating practices. Eating nutritiously and deliciously doesn’t have to be hard. I offer advice on how to eat healthfully and well without falling prey in to diet trends that may not be right for you.

    • Nutrition Designs

      Nutrition Designs

      Author: Tiffany Schulte

      The Nutrition Designs blog written by Tiffany the Dietitian provides simple, practical and affordable ways to eat and live healthy everyday.

    • Nutrition Detectives

      Nutrition Detectives

      Author: Samantha Thiessen

      This blog will take the messy world of nutrition and health research, investigate it to find the truth, and deliver it to you in an easy to understand manner. We are the Nutrition Detectives: two health professionals passionate about nutrition and health issues.

    • Nutrition Facts

      Nutrition Facts

      Author: Lindsey Mazanec

      Providing factual nutrition information 5 days week: Meatless Monday, Truth on Tuesday, Wine Down Wednesday, Thank God It’s Thursday, & Fitness Friday.

    • Nutrition for the Future

      Nutrition for the Future

      Author: Dayle Hayes

      Nutrition for the Future explores hot topics related to child nutrition and food in schools. Author Dayle Hayes, Chair of School Nutrition Services DPG, focuses positive, creative solutions to childhood weight and health concerns.

    • Nutrition for the Health of It

      Nutrition for the Health of It

      Author: Kathy Birkett

      Insights and Actions for Healthy Living Providing expert tips & info for good health, nutrition and physical well-being for all ages. Recipes, Ask Kathy, Blogs about current food trends/knowledge and other topics are featured to help people sustain lifelong wellness.

    • Nutrition Info 411

      Nutrition Info 411

      Author: Evelyn Tribole

      Find practical solutions to eating dilemmas and nutrition issues that are important to you. Evelyn Tribole, MS RD, author and registered dietitian, answers your questions in a Q&A format for quick navigation.  Have a nutrition question? Just Ask!

    • Nutrition Informatics

      Nutrition Informatics

      Authors: Lindsey Hoggle, Martin Yadrick

      This is an American Dietetic Association Blog on the practice and integration of informatics into the profession. There is major focus on the HITECH Act and how it is impacting dietitians. We welcome guest bloggers and comments!

    • Nutrition Instincts

      Nutrition Instincts

      Author: Lindsay Stenovec

      Nutrition Instincts focuses on the “how” to eating and feeding. Find sound nutrition advice that promotes positive body image, fosters healthy relationships with food and supports mothers in their quest for nourishing their children.

    • Nutrition Lately

      Nutrition Lately

      Author: Rob Masterson

      Nutrition Lately serves as an informative blog with a focus on current food and nutrition news. From recent trends to latest scientific studies, Nutrition Lately provides readers with topics and subject matter that is accurate, relevant, and timely.

    • Nutrition Lizard

      Nutrition Lizard

      Author: Liz Parent

      Nutrition Lizard offers general nutrition information on a variety of topics such as weight loss, vitamin sources and food tips. It also answers readers questions, provides healthy and easy recipes, and shares some of Liz’s favorite products.

    • Nutrition Minute

      Nutrition Minute

      Author: Marcia Crawford

      In just one minute, maybe two, you’ll get the latest word in nutrition. Drop by for a translation of the latest research, food trends, or just to chat about weight issues. This nutrition expert will keep you sane and keep food fun.

    • Nutrition Nibbles

      Nutrition Nibbles

      Author: Sybil Hebert

      I’m a Canadian Registered Dietitian and love to share what I’ve learned – anything related to nutrition, food and physical activity. Please feel free to comment and make suggestions- I’d love to hear your point of views, experiences, and thoughts. Thanks for reading!

    • Nutrition Nuptials

      Nutrition Nuptials

      Author: Mandy Enright

      Nutrition Nuptials is the only website dedicated specifically to couples in the areas of nutrition, fitness, and wellness. Tips for developing positive nutrition and fitness habits are shared, along with recipes and workouts for couples to share together. Healthy after “I Do.”

    • Nutrition on the Double

      Nutrition on the Double

      Authors: Angela Lamberson, John Lamberson

      Nutrition Pair is the married team of Angie & John Lamberson, both Registered Dietitians and Certified Diabetes Educators living with Type 1 diabetes. They share knowledge, tips and personal experiences to help you discover your path to wellness.

    • nutrition peel

      nutrition peel

      Author: Jennifer Allen

      Nutrition Peel is a blog for general nutrition tips and advice. I currently work at an Endocrinology clinic and work with pts regarding weight loss, PCOS, diabetes (type 1,2, gestation). I also have my bachelors in health and exercise science, so I will discuss these tips as well

    • Nutrition Starring YOU

      Nutrition Starring YOU

      Author: Lauren Harris-Pincus

      Nutrition Starring YOU offers delicious calorie controlled recipes as well as weight control, lifestyle and fitness tips from someone who battled obesity and won! I strive to provide whole families the tools to achieve good health without dieting. Think healthy, not skinny!

    • Nutrition Stripped

      Nutrition Stripped

      Author: McKel Hill

      Nutrition Stripped focuses on nutrition information/research integrated into recipes. It’s a stripped down guide to living an unprocessed lifestyle with no expiration date for anyone interested in gaining nutrition and wellness tools to navigate the kitchen and life in general!

    • Nutrition to Go

      Nutrition to Go

      Author: Beth Audie

      Nutrition To Go is a blog dedicated to translating nutritional science into easy-to-understand nutrition knowledge. Here, you will find information on various topics to help you live an active and healthy lifestyle.

    • Nutrition to Kitchen

      Nutrition to Kitchen

      Author: Tram Lee

      Welcome to Nutrition to Kitchen. I’m a Registered Dietitian who loves to cook, and hope that you’ll find some useful recipes to feed your appetite for good food and healthy living. Thanks for dropping by, and happy cooking!

    • Nutrition Uncomplicated

      Nutrition Uncomplicated

      Author: Hannah Millon-Garvey

      Focused on getting to the bottom of hot topics, nutrition controversies and presenting useful tips and information in a plain and simple way.

    • Nutrition Unplugged

      Nutrition Unplugged

      Author: Janet Helm

      Thoughts, opinions, musings and discussion about nutrition, food trends, diet myths, new products and fad-free healthy eating.

    • Nutrition with a Dietitian

      Nutrition with a Dietitian

      Author: Mariel Regencia

      A blog exploring the wonders of foods and nutrition. Written by a registered dietitian, the blog is written to expose the impact of healthy eating and healthy lifestyles and to allow the reader to realize how food itself can be nature’s medicine.

    • Nutrition with Nat

      Nutrition with Nat

      Author: Natalie Long

      Nutrition with Nat provides free nutrition information and education to the public and is a fun, reliable resource for families.

    • Nutrition with Wendy

      Nutrition with Wendy

      Author: Wendy Li

      Nutrition with Wendy will not only equip you with knowledge about health and nutrition but also the skills to choose, cook and live healthier. I provide recipes, cooking tips, restaurant reviews and tips and tricks for healthy eating.

    • Nutrition Xpert

      Nutrition Xpert

      Author: Gretchen Scalpi

      This blog covers a variety of nutrition topics related to managing diabetes and weight through healthy eating. Recipes and tips for healthy eating offered. Readers are encouraged to learn to prepare their own food,cook and eat at home more often.

    • Nutrition, Food, Travel and More

      Nutrition, Food, Travel and More

      Author: Melinda Boyd

      I am an RD living overseas sharing information on nutrition, home cooking, restaurant dining and cultural experiences. This blog showcases life abroad with my experiences traveling and tasting foreign cuisine, mixed in with information on nutrition.

    • Nutritional Medicine

      Nutritional Medicine

      Author: Sarah Brewer

      My blog features the latest, evidence-based information on Nutritional Medicine, covering research into food, diets, vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements. I’m adding background pages and recipes, too. Although I am a medic, I am followed by many dietitians. Thanks.

    • nutritionALL


      Author: Brittney Stretsbery

      nutritionALL is your resource for all things food and nutrition! Find food and nutrition information in an easy-to-use and fun format! Learn more about: family nutrition, the latest food trends, recipes, living green, product reviews, and many other tips and tricks to help you lead a more nutritious life!

    • Nutritionally Fit

      Nutritionally Fit

      Author: Wendy Crump

      Wendy Crump, R.D., is a registered dietician based out of Glendale, California. We can help you promote a healthy and nutritional lifestyle for yourself or your family, slim down, prevent disease, or just look and feel great. Featuring health tips, and insight on nutrition!

    • NutritionWise


      Author: Nicole Meadow

      Nutrition is a journey, not a destination.  Be NutritionWise every day.  The NutritionWise Blog provides tips, tricks, recipes, information, research and much more to help you and your family lead the most healthful life possible.

    • nutritioulicious


      Author: Jessica Levinson

      Nutritioulicious is a food and nutrition blog that includes recipes, nutrition news and tips, seasonal eating, food trends, and basic enjoyment of nutritious and delicious food!

    • Nutritious Balance

      Nutritious Balance

      Author: Sheena Pradhan

      Nutritious Balance is a nutrition and wellness consulting company. This blog is for sharing nutrition information and articles with the curious!

    • Nutritious Eats

      Nutritious Eats

      Author: Melanie Flinn

      I am a Registered Dietitian and busy mom who is passionate about managing a healthy lifestyle and eating food with flavor. I am here to share delicious, healthy recipes and nutrition and fitness tips with my readers.

    • NutriWell Coaching Blog

      NutriWell Coaching Blog

      Author: Julie Schwartz

      NutriWell Coaching’s blog gives tips to keep motivation uncovered & simple steps to empower daily healthy eating, fitness, & living. If sustainable weight loss, healthy eating & living, stress reduction, improved well-being or sports nutrition is your goal, this blog’s for you.

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    • observEATer


      Author: Elizabeth Chatellier is a way of life. The best way to watch what you eat: Embrace life. Amaze yourself. Try everything! Free for your enjoyment from lifestyle wellness blogger, Elizabeth Chatellier, MA, RDN. Welcome back to the table.

    • Okanagan RD- Talking Food

      Okanagan RD- Talking Food

      Author: Kelly Lehmann

      A registered dietitian in Kelowna, British Columbia. I blog about food, kids, recipes, running and yoga. I hope to blog about cycling when I finally take the plunge and buy a road bike. I am a huge fan of local and organic foods, bountiful in the beautiful Okanagan valley!

    • Olive Tomato

      Olive Tomato

      Author: Elena Paravantes

      If you want trusted information about the Mediterranean Diet, you’re at the right place. Join me, a Registered Dietitian living in Greece, as I talk about the Mediterranean and Greek diet, news, research, recipes and learn how you can incorporate this healthy diet into your life.

    • On Nutrition

      On Nutrition

      Author: Carol Plotkin

      A healthy lifestyle blog. Provides diet, food, exercise, wellness and nutrition information as it relates to health.

    • One Smart Brownie

      One Smart Brownie

      Author: Carolyn Brown

      A young NYC RD/nutritionist simplifies healthy eating for non-nutrition nerds via tips, q&a, recipes, random foodie facts, etc. A fresh, funny perspective on being healthy, where there’s always room for martinis & chocolate. Everything in moderation!

    • OneSource4Wellness


      Author: Cassie Vanderwall

      I’m a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer on a personal mission to equip and empower motivated individuals in their pursuit of overall wellness.

    • Orange District, CDA

      Orange District, CDA

      Author: RDs @ Orange District California Dietetic Association

      Located in Orange County, CA the CDA Orange District is a group of nutrition professionals dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles through food choices and the delivery of effective food and nutrition services.

    • Orchard Fresh Nutrition

      Orchard Fresh Nutrition

      Author: Emily Orchard

      Orchard Fresh Nutrition is a blog dedicated to all things health and nutrition. This blog contains evidence based nutrition information, recipes and product reviews, designed to inspire and empower readers to lead the most healthy and nourishing life possible.

    • Our Healthy (Diabetic) Life

      Our Healthy (Diabetic) Life

      Author: Angela Major

      Keeping my family healthy with whole foods, good nutrition, and lots of activity and exercise. Join me and my kids as we live and grow with Type 1 Diabetes!

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    • Paleoprincessrd


      Author: Shelby Keys

      This blog was originally started as a way for me to chronicle my experience with the trending diet known as the “paleo” diet. An avid cross fitter, I couldn’t not give the famous diet known around the cross fit community a try. However, I found myself lacking the energy I needed

    • Pam Stuppy, MS, RD, CSSD, LD

      Pam Stuppy, MS, RD, CSSD, LD

      Author: Pam Stuppy

      Healthy eating and appropriate physical activity are key to achieving and maintaining a high quality of life.  This blog features delicious, healthy recipes, articles on a variety of nutrition topics, and cooking/nutrition/grocery shopping tips.

    • Pathfinder Nutrition & Lifestyle

      Pathfinder Nutrition & Lifestyle

      Author: Andrew Wilson

      London Dietitian Andrew Wilson created Pathfinder Nutrition & Lifestyle’s Blog to inspire people to explore new ways to be healthy, live well and prosper! Andrew Wilson believes “Everyone has the ability for extraordinary performance at work and in life.”

    • PCOS Nutrition Center Blog

      PCOS Nutrition Center Blog

      Author: Angela Grassi

      We know that the internet is a main source of nutrition information for women with PCOS. Unfortunately, a lot of that information is inaccurate or misleading. That’s why we’ve created this bog: It’s a site you can turn to for accurate and reliable information from experts.

    • Peace, Love, and Food

      Peace, Love, and Food

      Author: Kara Lydon

      The purpose of my blog is to inspire a peace of mind around what you eat and a love for nutritious food. A reflection of my life based around food, nutrition, and wellness, my blog also provides tips along the way on how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

    • Peacemeals!blog/c1544


      Author: Emily Anschlowar

      Peacemeals is a source of down to earth nutrition information, brand/product reviews, and recipes for the family.

    • Perfect Size Nutrition

      Perfect Size Nutrition

      Authors: Marla Doughty, Sonny Gornek

      It’s not about being the perfect size, it’s about finding your perfect size. Two Registered/Licensed Dietitians, Exercise Junkies, and Foodies on a mission for all things health.

    • Phronesis: Practical Wisdom

      Phronesis: Practical Wisdom

      Author: Joan Guthrie Medlen

      Phronesis: Practical Wisdom focuses on the techniques and tools to promote healthy living for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Topics include nutrition, recipes, techniques for support for quality lives.

    • Piccolowing


      Author: Priscilla Chan

      My blog is to share my cooking & baking experiences, food ideas, and health topics with the world. It’s not a blog that you’d find Donna Hay pictures or Masterchef recipes. However, it is a blog that you’d see yummy plus healthy food from a passionate foodie and nutritionist.

    • Pickles2Pushups


      Author: Katie Horner

      Pickles2Pushups is a blog created by Registered Dietitian Katie Horner. She loves to share news about the nutrition community and discuss information she comes across as a dietitian in the community. As a personal trainer, Katie also enjoys providing exercise tips and routines.

    • Pie Hole Blogger

      Pie Hole Blogger

      Author: Thalia Prum

      A nutrition blog written by a dietitian who trains in circus arts and aerial acrobatics, loves food, cooking, talking about food, doesn’t believe in diets (actually hates that word), eats chocolate and subscribes to the philosophy ‘just put less in your pie hole’.

    • Piece O Cake Nutrition–fitness-tips.html

      Piece O Cake Nutrition

      Author: DIANE DEJESUS

      Piece O Cake Nutrition LLC is a Nutrition & Fitness consulting practice founded in Brooklyn, NY by Diane de Jesus, RD. My blog aims to show how you can balance work & family responsibilities with a healthy lifestyle and still have fun. Live a healthy life & have your cake too!

    • Point A La Ligne

      Point A La Ligne

      Author: Nadine Issa

      Learn about health and nutrition. Get tips on how to lose, gain or maintain your weight.

    • Pomegranate Nutrition Consulting

      Pomegranate Nutrition Consulting

      Author: Mariette Abrahams

      This blog covers the latest developments,research and trends in Nutritional Genomics also known as Nutrigenomics, Functional foods and health tracking.. The blog is written by a nutrition business consultant who is active in the field by working with Biotechnology companies.

    • Prep Dish Blog

      Prep Dish Blog

      Author: Allison Stevens

      The Prep Dish Blog is written by personal chef & dietitian Allison Stevens from Austin, TX. It features chef created, seasonal, kid-friendly, gluten-free & dairy-free recipes and tips for meal planning.

    • Pretty Little Grub

      Pretty Little Grub

      Author: Jen Rawson

      A blog from a Registered Dietitian & Professional Makeup Artist. Jen combines her passions: nutrition, fitness and makeup into one blog. Any girls dream! Jen delivers tips, advice & recipes for living a healthier lifestyle. She conducts in depth reviews on current research and

    • Prevention RD

      Prevention RD

      Author: Nicole Morrissey

      I am a Registered Dietitian working in out-patient diabetes and bariatric nutrition. I love what I do and sharing my passion with others. I love to cook, run, garden, write, and play ice-hockey. Stop by to say hi!

    • Pro Rugby Wife – real life health & sports nutrition

      Pro Rugby Wife - real life health & sports nutrition

      Author: Sarah Danaher

      Dietitian mum of three, wife to professional rugby player. Blogger of all things nutrition – family, health, exercise, weight loss, psychology (and maintaining a 4500kcal diet for my husband!!!!)

    • Project Eat Me

      Project Eat Me

      Author: Diana Wilson

      Project Eat Me is a food and health blog written for college students and young adults. The mission of Project Eat Me is to help you nurture a healthy appreciation for tasty food and to guide you in making smart nutrition choices to improve your overall well-being.

    • Pumps & Pushups

      Pumps & Pushups

      Author: Erica Wells

      An online community for women with credible nutrition information, healthy recipes, fun workouts, life advice and style tips! We are a team consisting of an RD (myself), a CPT and a physician. We strive to help women meet their health goals and have fun doing it!

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    • Radio Nutrition

      Radio Nutrition

      Author: Donna Feldman

      Nutrition news, food reviews, research updates, diet tips, supplements, book reviews and expert interviews. Radio Nutrition has a new podcast series “Walk Talk Nutrition”, featuring RDs Donna Feldman and Kathy Isacks, discussing current topics and controversies in nutrition.

    • Raise Healthy Eaters

      Raise Healthy Eaters

      Author: Maryann Jacobsen

      Raise Healthy Eaters provides credible nutrition advice for busy parents. Resources and articles include the latest on kids nutrition, how to feed picky eaters and quick and healthy recipes.

    • Raisin’ Health Nuts


      Author: Cari Riker

      This website is dedicated to providing nutrition and wellness information from a Registered Dietitian and Health and Wellness Coach perspective that you can apply to your everyday life. Find practical nutrition and physical activity tips that you and your family can all enjoy!

    • Raising My Healthy Eater

      Raising My Healthy Eater

      Author: Lucia Gabriela Navarrete

      Raising my Healthy Eater was created to share knowledge, hope, positive energy and to demonstrate hope by arming ourselves with the resources to fight body, mind and emotional diseases that our kids are being affected by.

    • Ramblings of an RD

      Ramblings of an RD

      Author: Kristen O’Connor

      I’m a supermarket dietitian, marathoner, newbie cyclist, and lover of all things chocolate. I believe in real, no-nonsense nutrition advice and a passion for sharing it with everyone!

    • RD 4 ED: Nutrition Help for Eating Disorder Recovery

      RD 4 ED: Nutrition Help for Eating Disorder Recovery

      Author: Sarah Biskobing

      I am a dietitian specializing in eating disorder treatment. My blog is where I am sharing my nutritional thoughts, opinions, and knowledge as it relates to your eating disorder. My goal is to challenge your eating disorder thinking in order to help you live a healthier lifestyle.

    • RD approved

      RD approved

      Author: Brooke Horowitz

      RD Approved is driven to help people discover a healthier life through good nutrition by breaking down “what, why and how to eat.”

    • RD Bytes

      RD Bytes

      Author: Diane Boyd

      Scientific information and facts, nutrition tips, discussion of contemporary nutrition topics, recipes, motivation, and simple solutions to athletes’ eating concerns all geared to active individuals with health and fitness goals. Coming from a beach community, will also share our local trends, foods, and traditions!

    • RD’LITE


      Author: Rachel Oppenheimer

      I am a registered dietitian who is learning to cook. Join me on my adventures in the kitchen and around the world.

    • RDN Mama

      RDN Mama

      Author: Kelly Houston

      A resource for maternal, infant, and family nutrition. From before pregnancy, through raising a healthy family, RDN Mama provides research-based nutritional information to help inform mamas (and daddies) so they can make the the best nutrition choices for their families.

    • RDNMommy


      Author: Emily Cope

      Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & New Mommy. Follow me for healthy recipes, tips and inspiration to help you achieve the healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted – visit for more

    • Real Bite Nutrition

      Real Bite Nutrition

      Author: Joanne Perez

      Because life’s too short to not take a real bite, this blog is about deciphering all the information out there about nutrition & food, creating healthy recipes and helping Americans change their unhealthy relationship with food one Real Bite at a time.

    • Real Food Rocks

      Real Food Rocks

      Author: Bridget Nichols

      The blog includes information about healthy foods, healthy eating guidelines, heart health, eating to balance blood sugar, and weight management without dieting.

    • Real Mom Nutrition

      Real Mom Nutrition

      Author: Sally Kuzemchak

      Dishing up news, opinions, stories & strategies to help busy moms make healthier choices for their families and themselves—without going broke or losing their sanity.

    • Real Nutrition and Fitness

      Real Nutrition and Fitness

      Author: Shari Portnoy

      Wondering if what you read in the papers is real? Does the writer know what he or she is talking about. A Registered Dietitian gives you the real scoop on nutrition and fitness articles.

    • Real! Healthy Cooking

      Real! Healthy Cooking

      Author: Joe Engelbird

      Real! Healthy Cooking is devoted to seeing what healthy is from a common sense point of view. Here we discuss real food that is eaten by real people in the real world.

    • Rebecca Bitzer and Associates Everyday Health

      Rebecca Bitzer and Associates Everyday Health

      Author: Rebecca Bitzer

      Nutrition Information, Recipes, Inspirational Stories, Product Reviews and More Written By Registered Dietitians.

    • Rebecca Thinks

      Rebecca Thinks

      Author: Rebecca Scritchfield

      I love to talk about the health trends and fads that sweep the Nation, and share the “tried-and-true” solutions that really work – based on actual evidence, science, and common sense. I like to post recipes here I’ve been trying as well as my TV segments and fun work projects.

    • Rebecca Turner Nutrition

      Rebecca Turner Nutrition

      Author: Rebecca Turner

      Rebecca is a believer, nutrition expert, and runner. She aims to inspire a positive relationship with food that enhances overall well-being and athletic performance. Helping you fuel your faith, family, and fitness. Health is a choice. #ChooseHealthy #Hungry4Healthy #MindOverFork

    • Redefining Health

      Redefining Health

      Author: Erica Framsted

      Redefining Health is a place to share my passion for eating and cooking, celebrating what it means to be healthy without putting an emphasis on body weight, and examining environmental causes for disease.

    • Renal Diet HQ

      Renal Diet HQ

      Author: Mathea Ford

      We talk about how to control and manage chronic kidney disease. Eating healthy and making the right choices help people get back on track. So our mission is to help others eat the right things and overturn some myths that are rampant about how to eat for chronic kidney disease

    • Renee’s Healthy Weighs


      Author: Renee Pieroth

      Finding the balance between nourishing your body with foods and living an active lifestyle is vital to achieving a positive state of mind. This is essential to fight diseases and maintain a healthy weight. Try plant-based recipes and advice for consuming nutritious foods.

    • Renu Arora, RD – Nutrition Made Simple

      Renu Arora, RD - Nutrition Made Simple

      Author: Renu Arora

      Discussions of nutrition in the news as well as practical tips on how to make good nutrition and healthy eating easier and less time-consuming given today’s hectic lifestyles.

    • Rethink Nutrition

      Rethink Nutrition

      Author: Jacqueline Tyler

      Part nutrition and health updates, part recipes and part personal food adventures. An Australian Dietitian, Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist blogging about all things health.

    • Revive Wellness

      Revive Wellness

      Authors: Danika Amyotte, Callie Derksen, Kelsey Masciola, Loreen Wales

      We believe each choice you make regarding your lifestyle acts as either a deposit or withdrawal in your health account. The balance of that account determines your energy, vitality, risk of disease and ultimately the quality of your life.

    • Ripe


      Author: Stephanie Hoban

      Ripe is a healthy, seasonal cooking blog. Find vegan recipes to help you eat with a purpose, maximize nutrition, and Stay Ripe!

    • Rite for You Corporate Wellness

      Rite for You Corporate Wellness

      Author: Ashwin Lakhi

      The Rite for You Corporate Wellness Blog is comprised of articles written by Registered/Licensed Dietitians, Registered Nurses, and Exercise Physiologists to help our readers better understand the urgency to create a healthy lifestyle

    • Rock Gumbo

      Rock Gumbo

      Author: Mireille Blacke

      Rock Gumbo is “The Blog of a Not Exactly Cookie Cutter RD,” offering the viewpoint of a sarcastic academic, Registered Dietitian, Behavioral Health & Addiction Specialist, and Nutrition Educator (MA, RD, CD-N) with a taste of a rock-n-roll attitude.

    • Running on Green

      Running on Green

      Author: Anna-Lisa Finger

      You will find nutrition information, delicious and easy recipes, exercise tips and general wellness information to help you live a healthy and sustainable life.

    • Running on Sunshine

      Running on Sunshine

      Author: Kayli Perfetti

      I’m Kayli, Registered Dietitian, runner, lifter, yogi, and cook. Check out Running on Sunshine for innovative nutrition and fitness tips, healthy recipes, and workouts that will make you shine from the inside out!

    • Ruth Food

      Ruth Food

      Author: Ruth Chipps

      Ruth Food Blog ( explores healthy living, nutrition, prevention and mindfulness trends, tips & recipes. Ruth Chipps is a media strategist, wellness expert and consultant for healthcare, public relations firms & food companies.

    • Ryan Nutrition Solutions

      Ryan Nutrition Solutions

      Author: Renee Ryan

      Clear and simple nutrition tips for weight-maintenance and sports performance to help achieve important lifestyle changes for optimum health, wellness, and performance.

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    • sallybaumann


      Author: Sally Baumann

      A blog all about food and nutrition for health, sport and active lives. Weekly posts that aim to provide an informed view on current food trends, new research and eating for general health and athletic performance.

    • Salubrious RD

      Salubrious RD

      Author: Sarah Pflugradt

      I started the blog because my family and I decided to go vegetarian for the summer and I wanted to blog about it. I want to educate, inspire, and help all of my friends. My blog is about me and how I eat.

    • Samantha Heller

      Samantha Heller

      Author: Samantha Heller

      Nutrition articles, recipes, comments on breaking health news.  Health, fitness, wellness, nutrition, medical nutrition therapy, sports nutrition, exercise physiology, stress management, chronic diseases e.g. cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, GI issues, diabetes etc.

    • Sara B Consulting

      Sara B Consulting

      Author: Sara Schwertfeger

      Sara B is a registered dietitian offering healthy recipes and nutrition information aka nutrition bites. In combintation with her consulting services she is inspiring healthy lifestyles for women, men, families, athletes and YOU!

    • Sarah Remmer’s Nutrition Blog

      Sarah Remmer

      Author: Sarah Remmer

      My blog is geared towards expectant and new Moms and their babies and families. I focus on practical and realistic nutrition for conception, problems conceiving, pre and post natal nutrition, nutrition for busy Moms, starting solids and picky eating.

    • sarahaasrdn


      Author: Sara Haas

      Passionate. That’s what I am about food and nutrition. Let me guide you through the world of cooking and the benefits of thoughtful, healthful eating.

    • Savor and Spice

      Savor and Spice

      Author: Cara Nichols

      Hi, I’m Cara Nichols, registered dietitian or nutritionist, whichever you prefer. Savor and Spice is a collection of beautiful and healthy recipes made to inspire even the more fashionable foodie. Love people, cook them delicious, healthful food.

    • Savor: Mindful Eating Mindful Life

      Savor: Mindful Eating Mindful Life

      Author: Lilian Cheung

      The Savor blog, authored by Harvard nutritionist Dr. Lilian Cheung, offers mindful eating support: recipes, information, meditations and wellness resources.

    • SCAN DPG Blog

      SCAN DPG Blog

      Author: Gina Lesako

      The SCAN DPG Blog is written by members of the Sports Cardiovascular and Wellness dietitians practice group. It targets consumers and RDs on topics from sports nutrition to eating disorders to general nutrition information for wellness.

    • School Meals That Rock

      School Meals That Rock

      Author: Dayle Hayes

      Wonder what’s really happening in School Nutrition? School Meals That Rock is an in-depth look at issues, trends and successes in school meals from coast-to-coast. See amazing, eye-appealing breakfast and lunches prepared by true school food heroes!!

    • Scintilla Life

      Scintilla Life

      Author: Jamie Marchetti

      ScintillaLife is a nutrition and health blog all about finding the spark – in Latin, ‘scintilla’ – to seek better health.

    • second act kitchen

      second act kitchen

      Author: Barbara Spalding

      Good food and healthy eating for people who want to savor every moment.

    • Seed&Kilter;


      Author: Sanchia Parker

      Seed&Kilter; is run by two sisters with a love of health and beauty. Sanchia is a dietitian and nutritionist and Khiara is an ex-model/IT student. The site is based on credible information, with recipes, articles and ideas to help others in their journey to health and happiness.

    • Sensational Sustenance

      Sensational Sustenance

      Author: Annette Hottenstein

      I am a Registered Dietitian with 15 years corporate experience as a sensory scientist. Sensational Sustenance is an eclectic mix of food and nutrition topics ranging from food appreciation tips, recipes, personal anecdotes and nutrition counseling tips.

    • Sensory Nutrition

      Sensory Nutrition

      Author: Stephanie Brina-Herres

      Infotainment focusing on food, food science & nutrition often w/ Mediterranean twist. Alerts, insights, resources, tips, techniques, trends sprinkled w/ culinary arts inspired recipes. Various topics from diabetes through women’s health. Delight your senses, fuel your lifestyle.

    • Serving Up Diabetes

      Serving Up Diabetes

      Author: Regina Shirley

      As an RD (and a type 1 diabetic for over 22 years) and an insulin pump educator, I share factual diabetes health and wellness information from healthy eating as it pertains to blood sugar management and insulin in this personal and educational blog.

    • Shelley Munch, RDN

      Shelley Munch, RDN

      Author: Shelley Munch

      I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Healthy living is my personal and professional passion. My goal is to empower you with accurate, science based nutrition facts so that you can make informed choices for yourself and family.

    • Shift Nutrition

      Shift Nutrition

      Author: Jessica Begg

      Jessica Begg, Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist for Shift Nutrition, specializes in Eating Disorders, Weight Loss and Workplace Wellness. She excels at helping others make significant, healthy changes using strategies that are reasonable in real life and sustainable over time.

    • ShopWell


      Author: Lara Felton

      A nutrition and health blog that focuses on sound nutrition advice and healthy eating tips for all ages, lifestyles, and management of various diseases. Some blog posts are from guest dietitian bloggers to provide recipes and other food posts.

    • Simple Delights

      Simple Delights

      Author: Brianna Peterson

      Simple Delights is all about delighting in the simple things. Positive energy can really have an impact on health! Simple Delights will provide tips in the following areas: Simple Nutrition, Simple Movement, Simple Thoughts, & Simple Flair.

    • Simple Nutrition

      Simple Nutrition

      Author: Brianna Elliott

      I am a fairly new dietitian, with a passion for all things that involve nutrition (as you would probably guess). My blog is full of posts with simple tips and advice on how to live a science-based, healthy lifestyle.

    • Simple Swaps

      Simple Swaps

      Author: Elizabeth Shaw

      Small changes… BIG benefits! Healthy living can be simple, fun and effective… all you have to do is follow a few Simple Swaps and you’re half way there!

    • Simple Truths About What We Eat

      Simple Truths About What We Eat

      Author: Robyn Moore

      The blog is to let everyone in on a few simple truths about the food we eat. Simple and practical nutritional advice that everyone can understand. Here to help people make healthier food choices.

    • Simple. Real. Nutrition

      Simple. Real. Nutrition

      Author: Elizabeth Harburg

      Simple. Real. Nutrition. is about making healthy eating simple and practical for everyday people. I share my own healthy recipes and tips and information on eating well and staying healthy and happy.

    • Sinful Nutrition

      Sinful Nutrition

      Author: Emily Cooper

      Sinful Nutrition is a blog created in 2010 as a way to share my passion for nutrition and healthy living through healthy alternative recipes for otherwise ‘sinful’ dishes. It has now grown to include a fitness aspect, guest posts, reviews, and other random ramblings.

    • Skinny Eats Cleveland

      Skinny Eats Cleveland

      Author: Sue Campbell

      I am a dietitian and mother of 2 from Cleveland, Ohio that enjoys sharing healthy recipes and healthy outings to restaurants and markets around town.

    • Skinny Food Addict

      Skinny Food Addict

      Author: Ussma Ghani

      A place where you can find information about eating and staying skinny from the personal and professional experience of a registered dietitian with over 10 years of experience in the field. Also a place to ask questions, share stories or comment.

    • Skinny Minnie’s Recipes

      Skinny Minnie

      Author: Rebecca Kraynek

      I am a Registered Dietitian and Certified Wellness Coach who LOVES to cook! Hopefully my recipes will add some healthy variety to your meals.

    • Skinny On Nutrition

      Skinny On Nutrition

      Author: Gillean Barkyoumb

      Skinny On Nutrition is an evidence-based blog that explains nutritional science in an easy-to-understand manner. Topics include diet myths debunked, healthy recipes, tips for navigating the grocery store, and effective exercise guidance.

    • Smart Bytes

      Smart Bytes

      Author: Karen Collins

      I will help you set priorities for realistic steps to healthy eating. Let’s put nutrition news into the big picture, and explore how steps to reduce cancer risk intersect with weight control, prevention of heart disease & diabetes, and total health.

    • Smart Eating for Kids

      Smart Eating for Kids

      Author: Laura Chalela Hoover

      Smart Eating for Kids is a collaborative blog of health professionals who shares yummy nutrition ideas, kid-friendly recipes and smart strategies to manage picky palates, all delivered with a healthy dose of practicality and humor.

    • Smart Nutrition

      Smart Nutrition

      Author: Jessica Penner

      A Winnipeg-based Registered Dietitian provides evidence-based nutrition information through misinformation busting, inspiration messages, and mouth-watering recipes.

    • SoCal Nutrition & Wellness

      SoCal Nutrition & Wellness

      Author: Janice Dada

      The SoCal Nutrition & Wellness blog highlights nutrition in the news and includes topics related to diabetes, weight management, sports nutrition, healthy eating and wellness.

    • SOL Nutrition

      SOL Nutrition

      Author: Christina Turner

      ‘SOL’ means the sun in Spanish. Our blog provides nutrition advice with warmth and compassion – just like the sun! Learn the fact from fiction, create balance in your life and put the ‘SOL’ back into your eating.

    • Something Nutrishus Blog

      Something Nutrishus Blog

      Author: Steph Wheler

      I am a Registered Dietitan, retired professional volleyball player, and owner of Something Nutrishus Counselling & Coaching.  This blog offers nutrition advice, articles of interest, healthy recipes, information about food and nutrients, and more!

    • Something To Chew On

      Something To Chew On

      Author: Amanda Figge

      I’m Amanda Figge, MS, RD, LDN. I’m a registered dietitian with Springfield Clinic, and I’m here to share my personal health journey with you, and share my knowledge in the realm of nutrition and fitness to make your own journey a bit easier.

    • Soul Food Therapy

      Soul Food Therapy

      Author: Renee Simpson

      Soul Food Therapy provides recipes, articles, and encouragement for anyone who has a love affair with food, and desires to live a healthy lifestyle.  With the rate at which African Americans are being diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and obesity, my focus changed from healthy cooking to any way that I can provide support for my people.

    • Sound Bites

      Sound Bites

      Author: Melissa Dobbins

      Registered Dietitians are uniquely qualified to have a powerful voice in all types of nutrition communications (media/social media/speaking/writing).  This blog is about sharing best practices and insider tips to take your skills from good to great!

    • Southern Fried Nutrition

      Southern Fried Nutrition

      Author: Sherry Coleman Collins

      Sherry Coleman Collins is an Atlanta-based registered dietitian nutritionist committed to making the healthy bite the delicious bite! A food lover and mom, Sherry’s blog melds stories from her southern heritage with recipes, healthy tips for finding balance, and inspiration.

    • Speedy Edie TRI Fuel

      Speedy Edie TRI Fuel

      Author: Edith Nault

      Hello and Welcome! Please visit my blog for updates on sports nutrition, triathlons, and my love of food. Follow me as I practice my passion of being a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Let’s take on Pittsburgh together!

    • Step Up To The Plate

      Step Up To The Plate

      Author: Georgia Kostas

      Award-winning author Georgia Kostas, MPH, RD, LD, blogs about her passion for making sense out of nutrition science. She covers prevention nutrition, weight management, heart health, fitness, wellness, recipes, product reviews, trends and more.

    • Stephanie Wilson, RDN

      Stephanie Wilson, RDN

      Author: Stephanie Wilson chronicles my day-to-day experiences as a clinical dietitian, provides a platform to share simple + healthy recipes, and tells the tales of my running rampages through the hills of California!

    • Stirlist


      Author: Amber Pankonin

      A blend of healthy recipes and nutrition advice from Registered Dietitian Amber Pankonin.

    • Stylista Fitness

      Stylista Fitness

      Author: Ana Johnson

      Lifestyle blog by a Registered Dietitian and fitness instructor. We cover everything about healthy living such as fitness, nutrition, and keeping a positive attitude.

    • Sue’s Nutrition Buzz


      Author: Sunithi Selvaraj

      Blog by an RD who believes and teaches ‘Healthy’ Not ‘Skinny’ Practical tips on finding the balance to ‘Eating’ Healthy. Featuring healthy recipes with nutrition labels. Bringing Nutrition Buzz to you.

    • Superherolike


      Author: Neal Malik

      After a chronic disease diagnosis, I still wanted to feel healthy and strong and do my best to improve my own condition… all traits I feel are common to superheroes. I decided I wanted to share my story and expertise with you and help you feel like a superhero every day.

    • Supermarket Nutrition

      Supermarket Nutrition

      Author: Betsy Ramirez

      Supermarket Nutrition was started as a site to educate consumers about healthier food items at the grocery store and bring awareness to supermarket dietitians, innovative retailers and programs, and better for you brands. I believe what you put in your grocery cart impacts your health.

    • Supermarket Savvy

      Supermarket Savvy

      Author: Linda McDonald

      Healthy Shopping Made East! SUPERMARKET SAVVY’s mission is to provide objective, balanced, and science based information on new foods and beverages, health issues, food labels, and trends to assist you in shopping for health.

    • Susan Weiner Nutrition

      Susan Weiner Nutrition

      Author: Susan Weiner

      Our blog explores weight management, diabetes and hot topic nutrition issues. The blogs are packed with valuable (and real life) information about how food effects your life. Susan Weiner Nutrition is written with “real life food situations” in mind. Our discussions are aimed at helping people of all ages eat well today for more tomorrows!

    • Sweet Cayenne

      Sweet Cayenne

      Author: Whitney Reist

      Sweet Cayenne is all about food – Foods I love to eat and love to prepare. These foods may be healthy, nourishing, delicious or a combination thereof. Learn how to prepare them in your own kitchen. I think you will enjoy cooking with me.

    • SweetFoodie


      Author: Caroline Kaufman is focused on helping busy people achieve their nutrition goals without adding stress. Good nutrition should be guilt-free: cook from scratch when you can, shop smart, eat well, and enjoy indulgences.

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    • Taste and Sprout

      Taste and Sprout

      Author: Elizabeth Cowie

      Taste and Sprout features delicious, healthy, family-friendly recipes that are quick and easy to prepare. Here you will find nutritious can equal delicious.

    • Taste Life, with Chere Bork

      Taste Life, with Chere Bork

      Author: Chere Bork

      Chere believes life is easy and we make it hard. She empowers people as a National Speaker, Media Spokesperson and Wellcoach® faculty member with the 5 key ingredients for savory living – purpose, energy, balance, happiness and health.

    • Tasteful Wisdom

      Tasteful Wisdom

      Author: Bryee Shepard (Amerson)

      A journey with Bryee Shepard, M.S., R.D. through flavor, exploration of myths, and the magic of food while embracing science and exposing truths.

    • tasteovers by jackie

      tasteovers by jackie

      Author: Jackie Newgent

      Chef Jackie Newgent, RD, is delighted to share with you her uniquely nutritious food blog which includes makeovers of not-so-good-for-you recipes into great tasting, good-for-you delights, created and tested by Jackie in her home kitchen in Brooklyn.

    • Tasty Table Topics: Forks at the Ready

      Tasty Table Topics: Forks at the Ready

      Author: Jessi Boehme

      Tasty Table Topics is run by a fresh out of the oven registered dietitian, Jessi Boehme. She has a spirited passion towards nutrition and improving her viewers relationships with food and the kitchen table shine through in her blog. Join her as she helps you make eating simple.

    • teachkids2eat


      Author: Barbara Davidson

      We are moms and Registered Dietitians with school aged kids. Our goal is to provide the education and tools for you, as parents, to teach your kids how to make healthy food choices both in school and at home.
      It all starts with you!!

    • teachkids2eat


      Author: Dara Aronow

      We are moms and Registered Dietitians with school aged kids. Our goal is to provide the education and tools for you, as parents, to teach your kids how to make healthy food choices both in school and at home.
      It all starts with you!!

    • Teaspoon of Spice

      Teaspoon of Spice

      Authors: Serena Ball, Deanna Segrave-Daly

      We are registered dietitians who specialize in nutrition messaging with a culinary focus. When we’re not creating delicious recipes in the kitchen, we’re traveling around our neighborhoods and farmers markets (or even further) to find tasty treats.

    • The Adventures of MJ and Hungryman

      The Adventures of MJ and Hungryman

      Author: Min Kwon

      MJ is a Registered Dietitian with a passion for translating the science of nutrition into real-life, applicable advice and tips. My healthy food blog, The Adventures of MJ and Hungryman, focuses on sharing simple yet healthy recipes made from wholesome, REAL foods.

    • The Apron Blog

      The Apron Blog

      Author: Emily Hein

      I’m Emily, and I’m a Registered Dietitian. This blog is devoted to my passion for health, wellness, and cooking! I’ll be posting recipes, meal plans, and nutrition tips. I firmly believe that the more home-cooked, natural foods that we eat the better.

    • The Athlete’s Kitchen

      The Athlete

      Author: Nancy Clark

      As a RD/sports nutritionist with more than 25 years of experience helping sports-active people reach their goals, I like to share helpful tips via my blogs and my books. Take a peek at Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook; it’s a best seller!

    • The Best Pickle

      The Best Pickle

      Author: Tracy Severson

      My blog is about meal planning in the pursuit of nutritious home-cooked dinners that are quick, affordable, and delicious. I’m an RD and hope that sharing my weekly meal plans and healthy recipes will inspire you to cook more meals at home.

    • The Blonde Pantry

      The Blonde Pantry

      Author: Marla Murphy

      Nutrition, fitness and lifestyle blog written by a registered and licensed dietitian.

    • The California Mediterranean Diet

      The California Mediterranean Diet

      Author: Dayna Green-Burgeson

      The California Mediterranean Diet is a symbiosis between the healthy foods and eating patterns associated with teh old food ways of the Mediterranean, and the new and modern creativity and environmental consciousness of California cuisine.

    • The Candid RD

      The Candid RD

      Author: Gina Casagrande

      I’m a registered dietitian working hard to dispel nutrition myths, and to teach people how to live healthy lives without deprivation. My goal is to make nutrition simple, fun and delicious! I also follow a low FODMAPs diet for IBS, and post many FODMAP-friendly recipes.

    • The Conscious Dietitian

      The Conscious Dietitian

      Author: Rachel Dickens

      The Conscious Dietitian is a Registered Dietitians guide to a healthy diet that doesn’t impact the environment. Find healthy seasonal recipes, information on sustainable seafood and tips on how to choose the most environmentally sustainable foods.

    • The Crowded Table

      The Crowded Table

      Author: Kalee Lundmark

      The Crowded Table focuses on creating healthy recipes the whole family can enjoy. Made with fresh ingredients, the recipes are simple, balanced and delicious. Come join us!

    • The Crunchy Radish

      The Crunchy Radish

      Author: Miranda Hammer

      TCR is about inspiring home cooks of all skill levels to get into the kitchen & cook healthily. I set out to prove that healthy cooking does not have to be complicated or lacking in flavor with laundry lists of obscure ingredients. TCR is mainly plant based & seasonally minded.

    • The Dainty Dietitian

      The Dainty Dietitian

      Author: Constance Shelby

      The Dainty Dietitian is sassy, southern, newlywed providing accurate and realistic nutrition information to her readers… all the while humoring them with this crazy ride called life.

    • The Dairy Report

      The Dairy Report

      Authors: Barbara Baron, Erin Coffield, Judy Jarvis, Karen Kafer, Ann Marie Krautheim, Isabel Maples

      The Dairy Report is written by health professionals – RDs, PhD nutritionists and communication experts at the National Dairy Council. Our authors seek to provide the latest news, analysis and opinion on nutrition and health research and events.

    • The Debunking Dietitian

      The Debunking Dietitian

      Author: Lisa Rutledge

      There is so much information out there about food and nutrition and it is hard to know who to trust with your health. As a registered dietitian, Lisa Rutledge is here to help lay to rest the misconceptions and clear up facts about food. Her blog is a fun way to keep up with news.

    • The Delicious Dietitian

      The Delicious Dietitian

      Author: Haley Lacey

      The Delicious Dietitian blog was founded to educate people and help them eat healthy, enjoyable meals created by food experts. This blog provides information and recipes to help people eat right and learn how food effects every aspect of life.

    • The Diet P.I.

      The Diet P.I.

      Author: Heather Jones

      The Diet P.I. investigates grocery stores, food labels, health professionals and more, uncovering the expert secrets you need to lose weight and get healthy! In Food Crimes you’ll find sneaky label tricks and food disasters and the Healthy Clues are full of delectable food finds.

    • The Dietetic Degustation

      The Dietetic Degustation

      Author: Megan Cameron-Lee

      Written by an Australian qualified Dietitian, The Dietetic Degustation provides you with the latest scientific evidence in nutrition, with real food ideas and recipes in easy-to-understand, bite-sized chunks. This degustation of information is sure to tempt all your senses!

    • The Dietitian Diaries

      The Dietitian Diaries

      Author: Nikki Bennett

      Follow a dietitian as she tries new recipes and inspires others to try new things to bring more people into the kitchen and away from fast food.

    • The Dietitian Does Dessert…Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, Too

      The Dietitian Does Dessert...Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, Too

      Author: Kim Galeaz

      Do you like dessert? So does registered dietitian Kim Galeaz! Join her as she blends good taste with good health to create delicious desserts…breakfast, lunch and dinner too! Kim balances decadent treats with nutrient-rich foods and daily exercise.

    • The Dietitian’s Life

      The Dietitian

      Author: Suzelle Viljoen

      There is much more to the world of nutrition than quick weight loss tips and bland food. The blog is about healthy living, exercise and everything nutrition related.

    • The Dietitian’s Pantry

      The Dietitian

      Author: Alexandria Hoare

      Tips, info and ideas about how to eat healthy and feel great! Loads of fresh and fabulous recipies too!

    • The Everyday RD

      The Everyday RD

      Author: Robyn Flipse

      My working title is The Everyday RD and my focus will be “eating in the real world” where people have different taste preferences, food budgets, cooking skills, dietary beliefs and health concerns and are seeking very practical advice, insight and motivation on how to eat well.

    • The Everyday Table

      The Everyday Table

      Author: Sara Bloms

      Polly and Sara are a chef and dietitian duo that help Minnesotans get back into the kitchen and reconnect with food in an inspiring and interactive way. Learn how to make healthier choices easy and convenient for you and your family at the grocery store and at home.

    • The Food Coach Blog

      The Food Coach Blog

      Author: Sasha Watkins

      I am a dietitian with professional experience advising parents on how to wean and now I am doing it as a parent. And it’s definitely different being on the other side! This blog will provide simple, bite size pieces of information that you can look at as you go along.

    • The Food Conversation

      The Food Conversation

      Author: Ekta Amarnani

      The Food Conversation is run by a team of accredited dietitians and offers nutritious recipes, evidence-based guidelines and practical tips. The team hopes to make optimal nutrition achievable and enjoyable.

    • The Foodie Farmer

      The Foodie Farmer

      Author: Jennifer Schmidt

      Blogging about how food gets from farm to table by an RD who farms your food full time. All things agriculture.

    • The Fresh Beet

      The Fresh Beet

      Author: Ashley Galloway

      The Fresh Beet aims to inspire others to get creative in the kitchen and to enjoy it. Here you will also find dietitian approved discussions on nutrition as well as personal events from my wonderful world of food.

    • The Fueled Athlete

      The Fueled Athlete

      Author: Christina Strudwick

      Blog about sports nutrition including recipes, weight loss, snacks, healthy weight gain & updated 2-3 times per week

    • The Garden Apt

      The Garden Apt

      Author: Kayleen Wichlinski

      The Garden Apt provides inspiration to reduce your carbon-impact by revising lifestyle habits. By eating meatless meals on Mondays, riding your bike to work two days a week, or examining your purchasing habits, this blog provides inspiration for the simple, harmonious consumer.

    • the Gluten free Italian

      the Gluten free Italian

      Authors: Stephanie Clairmont, Kara Racco

      A blog written by registered dietitian Stephanie Clairmont focusing on gluten-free, low FODMAP, Italian recipes & advice for those with Irritable Bowel Sydrome (IBS) and food intolerance. Our goal is to show you how eating without can be absolutely delicious!

    • The Gluten-Free RD

      The Gluten-Free RD

      Author: Rachel Begun

      A registered dietitian’s perspective on finding the balance between eating gluten-free healthfully and happily. Includes:  information about celiac disease and other gluten-associated conditions; recipes; product reviews; restaurant recommendations.

    • The Good Life Center – Your Path to Wellness

      The Good Life Center - Your Path to Wellness

      Author: Chloe Devening

      The Good Life Center is a four-month physician-supervised program offered at Glen Allen Internal Medicine that incorporates the principles of holistic and preventative medicine to help achieve health goals.

    • The Good Wolf Manifesto

      The Good Wolf Manifesto

      Author: Nicola Hursthouse

      The Good Wolf Manifesto believes that the key behind achieving a balanced diet that is sustainable during the ups and downs of life is to develop a healthy relationship with food, but also a healthy relationship with yourself.

    • The Grateful Grazer

      The Grateful Grazer

      Author: Steph Coogan

      I’m Steph and I’m a registered dietitian and believer that food should taste great and make us feel even better. On The Grateful Grazer you’ll find whole wellness through expert nutrition advice and simple recipes featuring whole, plant-based ingredients.

    • The Guided Bite Blog

      The Guided Bite Blog

      Author: Leslie Rathfon

      I am a Boston-based registered dietitian (RD) with a passion for cooking and trying new recipes. The Guided Bite Blog is my canvas for discussing understandable nutrition news and exploring delicious, healthful recipes.

    • The Hanging Spoon

      The Hanging Spoon

      Author: Donna Castellano

      I’m a dedicated wife and mother sharing a passion for real food and clinical expertise as a Registered Dietitian, with hopes of bringing people back into the kitchen again, cooking and sharing delicious meals with family and friends around the table.

    • The Happiness in Health

      The Happiness in Health

      Author: Jessie Erwin

      The Happiness in Health offers recipes, healthy living tips, and nutrition information integrated into the life of a registered dietitian. Author Jessie is devoted to educating the public about nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

    • The Health Nut

      The Health Nut

      Author: Judy Caplan

      Healthy eating for adults and kids, skinny recipes, nutrition wisdom and insight, cutting edge research on weight loss/weight maintenance. Written by a registered dietitian and AND spokesperson with over 30 years experience in health and wellness.

    • The Healthy Aperture Blog

      The Healthy Aperture Blog

      Author: Regan Jones

      Healthy Aperture is a unique blogger-submitted food photo gallery exposing what’s healthy to eat on the web and is the only site of its kind curated by registered dietitians. Regan Jones heads up the Editorial Team and serves as the lead writer and chief editor of the site’s blog

    • The Healthy Bachelorette

      The Healthy Bachelorette

      Authors: Brittany Chin Chin, Meaghan Sutherland, RD

      We are two young RD professionals living a busy lifestyle and juggling work, travel a social life, graduate school, relationships and exercise! Healthy recipes for 1-2 people from Registered Dietitians to meet your busy and fabulous lifestyle!

    • The Healthy Diet

      The Healthy Diet

      Author: Megan Madden

      The Healthy Diet blog helps readers sort through nutrition fact and fiction. Blog posts focus on how to design a balanced diet to prevent or treat nutritionally-related medical conditions. All recommendations are backed by scientific evidence.

    • The Healthy Fit Foodie

      The Healthy Fit Foodie

      Author: Lara Clevenger

      Healthy recipes, workouts, tips to live a healthier lifestyle, diet myths, research.

    • The Informed Appetite

      The Informed Appetite

      Author: Courtney Plush

      A clinical dietitian provides a unique perspective on mainstream nutrition and health trends with unbiased, reliable, science-based information.

    • The Internet Dietitian

      The Internet Dietitian

      Author: Sian Riley

      The Internet Dietitian blog reflects my strap line “Food to live, food for life” . Specialised in the dietary management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), the low FODMAP diet, allergies, intolerances, heart health, weight management and practical family nutrition.

    • The Joyful RD

      The Joyful RD

      Author: Gemma Hobbs

      I’m a plant-based dietitian who blogs about my life in Portland, Oregon. My blog is lifestyle-focused: I feature local hotspots, volunteer opportunities, nutrition-related travel and events, in addition to recipes and nutrition information.

    • The Keys to Nutrition

      The Keys to Nutrition

      Author: Courtney Smith

      Courtney is a Registered Dietitian who hails from the Florida Keys. Her blog takes an eclectic and refreshing spin on traditional and exotic recipes in a mostly vegetarian and nutritious fashion.

    • The Kitchen Sink

      The Kitchen Sink

      Author: Brooke Fiore

      A blog about my love for food, life and everything in between. Personal stories and recipes woven together along with photographs. All content and pictures are my own work.

    • The Lean Green Bean

      The Lean Green Bean

      Author: Lindsay Livingston

      I’m a Registered Dietitian from Columbus, Ohio and I blog about healthy food and fitness, with a sprinkle of life thrown in as well! On my blog you’ll also find nutrition tips and a few tasty treats.

    • The Nutrition Experts

      The Nutrition Experts

      Author: Jo-Ann Heslin

      Better eating made easy. We translate evolving nutrition science into practical, easy to understand, reliable advice you can use right now. Everyone loves to talk about food –it’s fun. But, we need to talk about nutrition too – it’s important to your health.

    • The Nutrition Key with BRG

      The Nutrition Key with BRG

      Author: Bonnie Giller

      The Nutrition Key with BRG provides accurate and timely nutrition information including the latest developments in diabetes management, weight loss, GI disorders and cardiovasculare health along with lots of health and nutrition tips and recipes.

    • The Nutrition Nomad

      The Nutrition Nomad

      Author: Jen-Kui Maxwell

      Dietitian, hiker and self-proclaimed campervan cook. Travelling Australia and the world showing you how to cook affordable, healthy food with local and limited resources.

    • The Nutrition SKU

      The Nutrition SKU

      Author: Barbara Ruhs

      Supermarket Dietitian speaks about food: how to find healthy foods in the grocery store and current issues facing eaters today. Get informed and inspired about food issues!

    • The Nutrition Twins Blog

      The Nutrition Twins Blog

      Authors: Lyssie Lakatos, Tammy Lakatos-Shames

      Registered Dietitians, Personal Trainers, Authors, Food Industry Consultants, Spokespeople, Twins & Mom of Twins– We want to help you get healthy!

    • The Nutritious Bite

      The Nutritious Bite

      Author: Vasu Thorpe

      The Nutritious Bite is a by product of my love for nutrition and my constant search for the perfect bite! Join us as we make these nutritious bites in our kitchen and share our recipes and stories with you!

    • The Nutshell Diaries

      The Nutshell Diaries

      Author: Michelle Broom

      The Nutshell Diaries contains small portions of the ‘good oil’ on nutrition topics of interest. Each entry is written by a dietitian, either myself or a guest, and contains information based on scientific evidence and National Guidelines.

    • The Off-Duty Dietitian

      The Off-Duty Dietitian

      Author: Ashleigh Jones

      I’m Ash, a tertiary qualified dietitian and a much less qualified foodie. I like eating food that tastes good, and if it can be good for you too then all the better. I’m here to share my kitchen accomplishments and my failures. I write about real food that real people relate to.

    • The Pantry Doctor

      The Pantry Doctor

      Author: Wendie Schneider

      The Pantry Doctor, LLC is committed to helping individuals meet their goals by offering a practical approach to nutrition, and empowering people to make lifestyle choices that will improve their health and well-being. Learn more about eating real foods to improve overall health

    • The Park Avenue Nutrition Blog

      The Park Avenue Nutrition Blog

      Author: Lisa Cohn

      The Park Avenue Nutrition Blog is about teaching nutrition principles in real world situations. There are many modern challenges to healthy eating that must be addressed in ways that textbook advice cannot accomplish. The PAN Blog goes beyond facts.

    • The Plant-Powered Blog

      The Plant-Powered Blog

      Author: Sharon Palmer

      Sharon Palmer is The Plant-Powered Dietitian™, food and nutrition writer, and plant-based nutrition expert. On The Plant-Powered Blog, you will find delicious plant-based recipes and articles covering food and environmental issues, sustainability and plant-based nutrition.

    • The Pocket RD

      The Pocket RD

      Author: Kelly Clark

      The Pocket RD is your go-to pocket guide for all things nutrition! I’m here to expose popular media trends, debunk nutrition myths & help you navigate the nutrition puzzle – all with a little wit and humor. You’ll have the perfect pocket-sized tool at your fingertips!

    • The Portion Teller

      The Portion Teller

      Author: Lisa Young

      This blog provides up-to-date information on portion size trends, portion control, tips on diet, nutrition and health, and nutrition current events. It has an emphasis on issues related to portion control and weight management.

    • The Rite Bite

      The Rite Bite

      Author: Ashwin Lakhi

      The Rite Bite Blog is combined of Registered./Licensed Dietitians and Exercise Physiologists to give you a wide variety of topics to help you improve your overall health and wellness.

    • The Sage: Nutritious Solutions

      The Sage: Nutritious Solutions

      Author: Zachari Breeding

      Question and Answer based Conversations, News Articles based on current nutrition research, delicious Recipes, educational Videos, and personal catering & counseling – all at the touch of your fingertips. This is The Sage: Nutritious Solutions.

    • The Salty Scoop

      The Salty Scoop

      Author: Emily Miller

      This blog is associated with the American Heart Association’s consumer campaign that aims to reduce sodium in the food supply and in Americans’ diets. It educates people about sodium and health and provides tips for reducing dietary sodium and eating a more heart-healthy diet.

    • The Scoop on Food

      The Scoop on Food

      Author: Elisa Zied

      This covers the latest news, trends, and topics related to food, nutrition, diet and fitness, to help parents feed their children better.

    • The Scoop on Nutrition

      The Scoop on Nutrition

      Author: Emma Stirling

      Do you read all about it? Food, nutrition and health that is? Great to hear, as you’re going to love The Scoop on Nutrition. We’ll help you cut through nutrition confusion with credible expert news, advice and reviews.

    • The Sensible Foodie

      The Sensible Foodie

      Author: Kate Park

      A website dedicated to sharing the latest nutrition information, delicious recipes and simple tricks to be the most sensible foodie possible. Food is more than nutrition. It is a celebration and this site works hard to show that eating healthy doesn’t mean eating boring!

    • The Skinny

      The Skinny

      Author: Anastasia Climan

      “The Skinny” is a chic nutrition blog for the modern woman. Posts range from scientific (appetite hormones) to social (happy hour). Anastasia delves into insightful, trending topics that are refreshingly relevant for your busy & fabulous lifestyle.

    • The Smart Girl’s Guide to Going Vegetarian

      The Smart Girl

      Author: Rachel Meltzer Warren

      A blog geared toward “veg-curious” teens, but filled with useful recipes, tips, and information for anyone looking to give up meat or shift to a more plant-based diet. The companion blog to the book “The Smart Girl’s Guide to Going Vegetarian.”

    • The Spicy RD

      The Spicy RD

      Author: EA Stewart

      The Spicy RD blog dishes up a handful of nutrition advice, a dollop of delicious recipes, a pinch of gluten-free living tips, a dash of spice, and lots of fun!

    • The Weekly Buzz

      The Weekly Buzz

      Author: Julie Meek

      A weekly update on topical nutrition and performance issues with a slant on performance including related topics such as sleep, exercise, stress and resilience. Blog posts are sometimes reflective of the topic of the day on 6PR radio in Perth.

    • The Wellness Writer

      The Wellness Writer

      Author: Karen Giles-Smith

      The Wellness Writer blog offers information and advice in all areas of wellness including nutrition, mindful eating, physical activity, getting adequate sleep, stress management (meditation, breathing, etc.) and life balance.

    • TheDishRD


      Author: Shayna Frost

      To disseminate correct, evidenced-based nutritional knowledge so that nutrition questions can be answered. I will be featuring a variety of topics including healthy guidelines, recipes, and recaps on the latest fads to give you “the dish” on the latest nutrition research.

    • TheProperPlate


      Author: Cameron Currie

      I started this blog to blend my love of cooking with my love of helping people to eat better and feel better. I will be sharing nutrition education, healthy eating advice and tips, menus, recipes, and links that I recommend for reliable information. I love to talk food!

    • Thinking Nutrition

      Thinking Nutrition

      Author: Tim Crowe

      The latest nutrition research and controversies discussed in straight forward language, distilling out what you need to know for your better health

    • Thinky Bites

      Thinky Bites

      Author: Kate Chury

      ThinkyBites aims to present a critically thought out and balanced view of the current information circulating in the nutrition world. ThinkyBites would like to take the uncertainty out of eating and allow you to enjoy food to the fullest while keeping your body well nourished.

    • This is for Real

      This is for Real

      Author: Sydney Messick

      This blog is about eating more real foods and less of the highly processed foods that are common today. Posts cover general nutrition information, sports nutrition, meal planning, and recipes to make cooking and eating real food easy and affordable.

    • This RD Eats

      This RD Eats

      Author: April Graff

      As a supermarket dietitian, I talk about making healthy eating a part of your life. I am passionate about menu planning as a key to success. Come follow me and discover that dietitians do eat! My blog is chock full of recipes and tools to make eating healthy easy and fun.

    • Thoughtful Fork

      Thoughtful Fork

      Author: Heidi Pflugrath

      Thoughtful Fork is a compilation of essays from the kitchen of Heidi Pflugrath, Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist. She writes and believes that by thoughtfully considering our real food choices, we might naturally live into a healthier and more fulfilling food journey.

    • Tid Bits of Nutrition

      Tid Bits of Nutrition

      Author: Kelly Currier

      This blog contains general nutrition advice for anyone wanting to improve their diet. Most blogs are educational. Occasionally I will post recipes!

    • Tiffany McFadden Nutrition Consulting Blog

      Tiffany McFadden Nutrition Consulting Blog

      Author: Tiffany McFadden

      A fun approach to trying new recipes, making them healthier and easier for the entire family. I love to share my family’s adventures in cooking, eating and life. I guarantee a little laugh too!

    • Toby Smithson’s Diabetes Every Day

      Toby Smithson

      Author: Toby Smithson

      All diabetes from a personal (Type 1) and professional (RD, CDE) perspective. Diabetes is 24/7 but that doesn’t mean it has to rule your life. Aiming to inspire thriving with diabetes.

    • Tomorrow’s Lunch


      Author: Maggie Shapiro

      Tomorrow’s Lunch was created by a Registered Dietitian and mom of two to help parents and caregivers come up with healthy, colorful and creative lunches for kids. This blog serves as a site to receive and share ideas, inspiration, information, favorite recipes and products.

    • Toner RD

      Toner RD

      Author: Cheryl Toner

      Cheryl Toner, a mom, a writer, and a registered dietitian, makes food fulfilling, flexible, and fun with yummy recipes from her family “test” kitchen and practical perspectives on nutrition and food.

    • Top Balance Nutrition

      Top Balance Nutrition

      Author: Maria Bella

      A blog written by an RD whose path in nutrition started with a weight loss of over 70 lbs. Being a real foodie who still enjoys eating good food and drinking good wine, Maria shares her own experiences and helps readers towards their goals.

    • Tribeca Nutrition

      Tribeca Nutrition

      Author: Natalia Stasenko

      Expert tips and advice on feeding children, pre- and postnatal nutrition and weight loss. Super-simple and uber-nutritious recipes and mealtime tips.

    • True Love Health

      True Love Health

      Author: Matthew Ruscigno

      Matt Ruscigno is a Registered Dietitian, endurance athlete and vegan who writes about vegetarian cooking, adventure and sports nutrition.

    • Twellman Nutrition

      Twellman Nutrition

      Author: Sally Twellman

      I am write about nutrition, health, diet trends, foods, and provide healthy recipes.

    • Two Sisters One Kitchen

      Two Sisters One Kitchen

      Author: Jamie Stolarz

      We know its rare, but we are sisters who love to spend time together in the kitchen and beyond. We love dreaming up quick, healthy meals and sharing a good meal together. Visit our blog for recipes, food photos, nutrition tips, and brief stories.

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    • U Rock Girl

      U Rock Girl

      Authors: Tiffany Bachus, Erin MacDonald

      Created by two Nutrition and Wellness Experts, U Rock Girl is the one stop for women of all ages for information, products, and services to improve your life and nourish your mind, body, and spirit

    • Uncovering Nutrition

      Uncovering Nutrition

      Author: Jennifer Miller

      Uncovering nutrition is a state of discovering nourishing, natural foods in a fun and curious way. I am eager to share my kitchen experiments and hope they offer motivation to you with navigating towards a less processed lifestyle.

    • Unite for Her Blog

      Unite for Her Blog

      Author: Katie Cavuto

      Unite for HER is an organization that works to empower and restore the health and wellness of women with breast cancer. We promote real foods, the importance of cooking for health and wellness, and the principle of food as your medicine.

    • Up Early With Amy

      Up Early With Amy

      Author: Amy Bortnick

      Up Early With Amy is a gratitude journal, nutrition resource, recipe book, running log, and place to reflect. My hope is to spread some inspiration for living healthy, eating well, and running through my own experiences.

    • Upbeet


      Author: Melissa Baker

      A Registered Dietitian using my passion for nutrition, food & cooking to inspire, create, share & bring people together. I hope to inspire people to dust off their stove & spice rack & spend more time in the kitchen. Be creative, add your own personal flare to recipes & have fun!

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    • valentine nutrition

      valentine nutrition

      Author: Valentine Reed-johnson

      Even dietitians struggle with their weight, we are human too! This blog sheds some humor and realism into every day struggles that we all go through when it comes to making the right choices. I challenged myself to lose the last 5 lbs and did so while providing sound nutrition.

    • Veg Girl RD

      Veg Girl RD

      Author: Kristine Duncan

      A diary of vegetarian food from a dietitian’s perspective.  I’ll share nutrition tips, mealtime hints, and shopping ideas for a plant-based diet.  Together we’ll explore healthy food in your home, your neighborhood, your region, and your world.

    • Vegas Vitality Nutrition

      Vegas Vitality Nutrition

      Author: Crystal Petrello

      Vegas Vitality Nutrition will be a year long journey through Las Vegas lifestyle, food, and nightlife while eating well and feeling refreshed.

    • Veggies and Cake

      Veggies and Cake

      Author: Hannah Gegg

      A food blog passionate about sharing the goodness of simple + delicious vegetables (along with a side of mindful indulgences!). Find foods ranging from vegetables to cake recipes (even cake that contains veggies!), nutrition advice, and real encouragement from everyday role model

    • Vertical Drop Nutrition

      Vertical Drop Nutrition

      Author: Diana Sugiuchi

      Dedicated to helping people eat smart so they can ski more. Nutrition information for skiers of all levels. Sport-specific nutrition tips, recipes, eating tips and advice whether you are skiing for the day, taking a resort vacation with the family or skiing all season.

    • Vicki’s Blog


      Author: Victoria Goodman

      I am a registered dietitian, licensed nutritionist who is passionate about sharing my creative quick and healthy recipes. I hope that you enjoy them and that they inspire you to create your own. – author of Vicki’s Blog.

    • Vincci Tsui, RD

      Vincci Tsui, RD

      Author: Vincci Tsui

      Vincci Tsui is a registered dietitian based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She loves delicious food that nourishes. Follow her blog for her take on some of the latest nutrition studies and trends.

    • Voice of Reason

      Voice of Reason

      Author: Tina Ruggiero

      The Voice of Reason is a smart, concise source of accurate and inspiring nutrition information.  Tina regularly simplifies complex issues and provides context for nutrition and health news of the day.

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    • Weekly Bite

      Weekly Bite

      Author: Estela Schnelle

      Weekly Bite is a healthy living blog with emphasis on the non-diet approach.  Weekly Bite features healthy recipes, sound nutrition advice, and a splash of real life insights.

    • Weight a Minute

      Weight a Minute

      Author: Joanna Dietrich

      Joanna is a down-to-earth dietitian who loves to discuss lifetime weight management and diet trends, and share healthy food finds.

    • Weight Loss Begins Now

      Weight Loss Begins Now

      Author: Emily Grant

      A weight loss blog written by a dietitian who has been on her own weight loss journey. My philosophy: enjoy food, be kind to yourself, no diets. Learn to love the food that loves you back!

    • Well Balanced. Food. Life. Travel.

      Well Balanced. Food. Life. Travel.

      Author: Kate Scarlata

      Living a well balanced life with exercise, family, healthy foods and fun travel.  A section of FODMAPs too as digestive health is one of my favorite specialties!

    • Well Fueled

      Well Fueled

      Author: Jackie Armstrong

      Well Fueled is your go-to resource for simple cooking, nutritional insights and healthy tips for fueling your body and life. In this blog I share my favorite recipes and offer guidance for optimizing your health and wellbeing through functional foods and nutrition.

    • Wellness Nutrition

      Wellness Nutrition

      Author: Doug Cook

      Reflections of a dietitian who is trying to make sense of the nutrition and health information overload that we all face and who is willing to take a stance even if it doesn’t mean ‘towing the party line’. I strive to be a free thinker versus running with the pack.

    • What Fuels You?

      What Fuels You?

      Author: Barbara Grohmann

      Sharing nutrition knowledge, finding balance and figuring out what it takes to live the life I want … whatever it turns out to be.

    • What I’m Eating Now

      What I

      Author: Tamara Freuman

      A food and nutrition blog dedicated to gluten-free living, featuring healthy, plant-based recipes, meal ideas and nutrition tips.

    • What Matters Nutrition

      What Matters Nutrition

      Author: David Brewer

      What Matters Nutrition is dedicated to provided scientifically based nutrition advice and practical solutions for all of your nutrition problems. The internet is cluttered with bad and potentially harmful nutrition information – learn what matters and forget about the rest.

    • What’s on Jen’s Plate?


      Author: Jennifer Kim

      I ate that and then thought this.

      Food is one of my passions. Here is a place where I share what’s been on my plate. Literally.

      Anything from restaurants, food book reviews, health issues and steps to healthy eating. It’s all here.
    • Whitty Nutrition

      Whitty Nutrition

      Author: Whitney Harms

      Nutrition with wit is way more fun! Whitty Nutrition is a place where nutrition and fun meet to help you navigate through the sea of nutrition information available. Visit us for realistic solutions to everyday nutrition issues and have fun learning to live a happy, healthy life!

    • Whole Foods Explorer

      Whole Foods Explorer

      Author: Maribeth Evezich

      Has your healthy cooking become boring? Mine did. Whole Foods Explorer is a website dedicated to the curious exploration of whole foods how, to prepare them and reinvent them. Along the way, comfort foods of the past may be transformed into staples of a healthy lifestyle today.

    • Whole Green WEllness

      Whole Green WEllness

      Author: Taylor Wolfram

      A total mind + body approach to health and wellness. Run by an RDN who believes whole-heartedly in the power of colorful, plant-based nutrition and self-care as a means to a happy, healthy, fulfilling life. Informative posts on food, nutrition, fitness, wellness, and lifestyle.

    • Whole Health Nutrition VT

      Whole Health Nutrition VT

      Authors: Victoria Bruner, Kimberly Evans, Jamie Sheahan, Abby Wadsworth

      Whole Health Nutrition is a practice of 5 master’s level registered dietitians who all have advanced training in sports nutrition and functional medicine. We are dedicated to using the power of food for health and healing, one bite at a time.

    • Whole Health RD

      Whole Health RD

      Author: Nicole Ferring Holovach

      Good health is more than food. I write about whole foods, fitness, stress management, attitude, and controlling environmental exposures. I’m a soon-to-be yoga teacher and I love experimenting with old-fashioned food practices, like pickling! Stop by!

    • Whole Living Lauren

      Whole Living Lauren

      Author: Lauren Blake

      Find nourishing and delicious plant-based recipes as well as health & nutrition tips from a wellness focused Registered Dietitian on! My philosophy is simple. I approach food with an un-diet approach focusing on whole, nourishing, and nutrient dense foods.

    • Whole Mind Wellness

      Whole Mind Wellness

      Author: Kathleen Loughrey

      The Whole Mind Wellness blog explores how to use emotional intelligence to feed the soul, lose excess weight forever, and feel younger based on sound science. The premise is that anyone can lose weight but keeping it off is the real challenge.

    • Wholify


      Author: Michaela Ballmann

      Wholify takes the message of sound nutrition and connects it with how you think, feel, and live. It is a way of thinking, being, and eating. It changes how you relate to food and yourself. Restoring Your Wellbeing!

    • WhyFoodWorks


      Author: Sarah Waybright

      I focus on how food components work together and with your body to produce optimal results for muscle building, weight maintenance, mental clarity, and general health. When people know why it’s important to eat well, I believe they’ll make the best choices! Know better, eat bet

    • Will Run 4 Food

      Will Run 4 Food

      Author: Kristen Herron

      Energy Bars….to Yak Jerky and everything in between! Honest insight on living a healthy, balanced lifestyle from the perspective of a dietitian, home-maker-wannabe, marathoner and lover of adventure!

    • With a Side of Sneakers

      With a Side of Sneakers

      Author: Heather Neal

      A blog about food, fitness, and finding balance after an injury. A dietitian’s perspective on eating in the real world.

    • Witty Nutrition

      Witty Nutrition

      Author: Whitney Ahneman

      Smart nutrition starts here.  A collection of thoughts and strategies for optimal nutrition.  Topics include good health, healthy aging, improved understanding of basic nutrition, and smart public policy initiatives.

    • Witty Wellness

      Witty Wellness

      Author: Sophie Pettipiece

      I’m Sophie, a newly credentialed Registered Dietitian, working on finding my way in the “real world”. I love and will blog about running, learning, exploring the outdoors, quilting, and anything food related.

    • Woke Up Hungry

      Woke Up Hungry

      Author: Christine Rocha

      Hi guys! I am Chris and my blog is titled “Woke Up Hungry”. I am a dietitian from Australia who is discovering a lot about the food an nutrition in Texas. I am fascinated and blog about most of my foodie findings here. Enjoy!

    • Womens Nutrition Services

      Womens Nutrition Services

      Author: Julia Durie

      A blog on all things nutritious and delicious with a focus on women’s health. I have a private practice in Newcastle Australia with a focus on nutrition support & education for all thing’s related to women’s health.

    • Words to Eat By

      Words to Eat By

      Author: Cara Rosenbloom

      Up-to-date nutrition info, food trends and mouth-watering recipes are at Words to Eat By! Cara Rosenbloom RD blogs about the food world surrounding her — from personal experiences feeding her two young kids to scientific info at nutrition conferences and everything in between.

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    • YES! Nutrition

      YES! Nutrition

      Author: Tori Holthaus

      YES! Nutrition, LLC provides personalized nutrition coaching & counseling to individuals of all ages and health concerns. The YES! Nutrition blog gives readers answers to common nutrition questions, healthy meal ideas, and inspiration for living a healthier life. Join in the fun!

    • You Gotta Eat!

      You Gotta Eat!

      Author: Linda Kaminski

      Common sense advice on how to create a healthier lifestyle; how to prevent or manage diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure; how to lose weight, feel great, and enjoy life; or get updates on the latest nutrition trends.

    • Your Balanced Plate

      Your Balanced Plate

      Author: Jessica Blanchard

      Your Balanced Plate aims to help readers take simple and sustainable steps to a healthier diet. We take the guesswork out of healthy eating, providing recipes, guidelines and support. We will offer a premium membership area with monthly webinars, and more extensive guidelines.

    • Your Choice Nutrition by Dietitian Brittany

      Your Choice Nutrition by Dietitian Brittany

      Author: Brittany Poulson

      A healthy lifestyle food & fitness blog meant to motivate others to lead happier, healthier lives through nutrition & exercise, whether encouraging you to try a healthier version of a classic recipe, go running for the first time, or to explore other areas of health & wellness.

    • Your nutrition, your perspective!

      Your nutrition, your perspective!

      Author: Sarah Awwad

      My blog is mainly focused on nutrition and behaviour. I will also post some easy recipes and some of my day-to day experiences!

    • Your Wellness Dietitian

      Your Wellness Dietitian

      Author: Jessica Chang

      This blog provides quick and healthy recipes as well as simple nutrition tips to help people navigate the at-times confusing world of healthy eating. Other topics include general nutrition, weight management, diet myths, and food trends.




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