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Volunteer community- how it works

Volunteer community is an independent platform that connects volunteers and social projects/opportunities on a global scale. Based on the largest web technology we have developed user friendly ways for nutritionists to compare and contact nutrition projects worldwide.

Make you understand – just explaining-it!




You have a great idea or a some qualification? There are countless target groups (investors, customers, public, relatives) who need to be explained what you are all about or capable of? And of course, you are just beginning . A small introduction to the world of opportunities might be just what you need.

Our startup package for you

We are proposing an entire self re evaluation on what you want to do or become:

Our explanation:

Your potential is given visibility with your volunteership activity, we go the extra mile for you when we post the opportunities here

Our  promise:

You will get a match for your desired volunteer needs or opportunity – we promise!startup-paket-rakete-geschenk-preis

Our  price:

No worries about hidden or additional costs.Its absolutely free with certainty.

Extras for you:

You will get our online update free of charge of new and upcoming opportunity. Institutions and individuals can post their opportunities.

puzzle-pieces-2Let’s get down to you as an employer

In order to benefit from our special package you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Your company or hospital is  older than 2 years
  • You act on behalf of a legal entity – a limited liability company, for example or registered
  • You  have more than five co-workers or employees
  • You have a nutrition services dept

You don’t meet all of these criteria but you consider yourself a startup company? Contact us and together we will find a solution!

We know how you feelsmiley-has-an-idea

We understand how You as a volunterrship seeker feel. For some it has been series of job applications without yeilding fruits. Its time to try something new. Increase your visibility.

As a company or institution , you have an opportunity to harness from the best fresh minds and make great use of their ideas to grow your company or institution.


Let’s get started! First, please tell us who you are



Find volunteer opportunities with us. Get in touch with our social projects and apply for our volunteer programs.

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Submit volunteer programs available in your organisation. Receive applications and volunteers from Kenya on matters Nutrition.

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    Really nice initiative you have here. How can someone get involved?
    Do you also have events eg speaking to corporates about healthy living and how can others be involved?

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