About us

Welcome to Nutrichoice Solutions, the first of its kind in Kenya and which remains the longest established full-time private nutrition service in Kenya; run by qualified and registered nutritionists. Our commitment to training nutrition and health professionals on community and clinical nutrition; through online CME’s and CPD’s, seminars, conferences, talks and workshops, is unquestionable. Nutrichoice Solutions is registered by registrar of companies in the Attorney general’s office. We are in the process of compliance with KNDI.

It’s also the home of Kenya’s no. 1 online  digital nutrition publication, The Nutrition Magazine, which is published monthly.
It is first in establishing a robust media platform for their online magazine, a large following in the social media with authoritative nutrition discussions and updates.

It was founded in 2014 by qualified persons who are equally registered with the regulatory authority

Nutrichoice solutions currently partners with nutrition associations and institutions to deliver quality services to nutritionists and dietitians. Our commitment to sustain regular training and continuous professional development workshops and seminars are unmatched. We intend to role out our signature annual conference for our customers, partners and associates.

Nutrichoice Solutions is one of the world’s leading professional educators in matters nutrition. The firm organizes regular training, seminars, conferences and expos. Our health festivals annually in counties near you have always been remarkable. We have a long tradition of innovation that benefits people, partners and associates. A fully integral global player in matters nutrition, our business is organized into four market-faced businesses: Personal care (E-clinic & monthly publication – The nutrition magazine), Health festivals (nutri-festival & Expo) and Continuous Professional development (CPDs, seminars, conference and CMEs)

Our outstanding scientific and technical expertise  has enables us to support our customers on the ground and help tackle their unique challenges.

In fact, our products are tailored towards the specific needs of both the professionals and the customers. Through the years we have learnt to listen to our partners, customers and associates hence our intervention is based on felt needs.

Our broad portfolio of innovative, high-quality delivery and editorial work coupled with consumer insights enables the services and products which you so admire  to meet ever more stringent consumer desired goals – from energized conferences and workshops, to nurturing young entrepreneur in nutrition.