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Weight Management

Diet and Weight Management. We provide evidence based way for the healthy and safe weight management. Helping you to make the right choices to a healthier you. We monitor through a partnership approach that allows our clients to be committed to the plan.

Fitness and Exercise

Fitness, sports and exercise. We provide the healthiest way to get fit for all sporting events nutritionally. Topics in our monthly magazine are written by sports dietitians with the knowledge and skills to help you achieve your goals.

Diet Chef

Recipe Shift.  An opportunity for all, to challenge us to give your favourite recipes a shift. We will nutritionally analyse your recipe and help you make it into a healthier version or just more interesting option. Read our recipe column in our magazine.

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A-Z On Diet

Diet, disease and health . We provide a guide on how illnesses are managed through diet and food. Written by clinical Nutritionists and dietitians in their area of expertise. Your articles to us are valuable.

Our eClinic

As a Patient you can be able to create account, complete health assessment and enroll in any of our nutrition services. We would then monitor your online log and send you diet plans online! Contact us here

Development and consultancy

We publish, Consult, Manage patients and Train professionals. If you are an organisation or a group that requires consultancy in food labeling, teaching on healthy eating, or even on weight management, we are here for you.


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What our clients say

Thanks Team…

Am glad everything worked out well during the conference.

The certificate looks amazing too….

Julia Awuor
Dear Nutrichoice Solutions,

First and foremost I would like to thank you and your team for organizing the conference and expo. Personally i learnt a lot of new things and interacted with new people. The conference also was a great insight on the gaps we have to fill as nutritionists of our generation to propel this industry to where it should be. I also have my action plans from the discussions we had which hopefully by the next conference i will have fulfilled them. May we continue with this unity.

Kind regards,


James Mwangi

Dear Nutrichoice Solutions,

You are much welcomed.The expo was a good opportunity for us to refresh our nutritional knowledge.



Wendy Muthoni
Hi Nutrichoice
You expected some feedback?
Generally the conference was ok for a start coz one has to start somewhere
Moving forward, i think we should do this more often, considering expectations of most attendants,
I  am looking at Nutrition field as one which lacks guidance and light to self reliance.
Marketing nutrition products is a good thing as a source of income to new graduates in this era of joblessness.
But for how long will we market mzungus products??
Its high time we think of how to manufacture our very own Kenyan products
We might be having some here and there.. but how well have they been marketted??
We also need to know the ingredients, the nutrients  and how much depending on the targeted disorder..
We can think of people like KATE the manufacturer of Kate’s Organic products which i think are Kenyan
And get to hear from her how she started…which i think can open eyes of many.
Just think of Nurses and Doctors…
They don’t have to be employed to earn a living… i am looking forward to when nutrition will be recognized as important to our consumers as the two above
what can we do …??
We have soo many Nutritionists in Consultancy firms like Joel Makii and many…
I know we have many who would wish to join the same but haven’t been exposed to opportunities
How did they start?
I think we should come up with strategies of strengthening our membership..not just by being holders of KNDI certificate…but recognition in various ministries and Organizations…..
We need our voice to be heard in everything we do… can we think of best strategies to put in place.

Am also very grateful for the opportunity to learn and interact with different people in the nutrition field i was very honored.


Hello…my name is Esther, I was one of the participants during the conference..It was  well put together for a first time event. I look forward to next year. I hope for a more diverse group of speakers…I am willing to volunteer in case you may need help in organising the event next year….Thank you.

Esther Kinuthia

Really nice initiative you have here. How can someone get involved?
Do you also have events eg speaking to corporates about healthy living and how can others be involved?

Betty betty.kanorio33@gmail.com

Your Group is okay and Educative.

-Consolata Kyalo.

Consolata Kyalo consokyalo@gmail.com

Fabulous services. I look forward to benefit from them soon.

Maureen Akinyi maureenwarega@yahoo.co.uk

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Nutrichoice Solutions is a nutrition and dietetic service. We have loads of different options to help people change their eating and health. We LOVE food and want others to ENJOY their FOOD too. We equally serve to build capacity of health professionals like the nutritionists.

Leading educator in matters nutrition. Authoritative online nutrition publishers Convener of annual Food, nutrition conference and expo Reliable eClinic for nutritional conditions Research and evidence based services Mentorship and support for interested candidates Nutrition bursary for needy cases Kids programme on eating habits. Many More


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Hello and welcome to Nutrichoice Solutions. Owned By Dietitian from Kenya, we are a nutrition & dietary counselling practice based in Kenya. We also run clinics in nearby towns in the country and have recently launched our online programs WORLDWIDE. (woo hoo!) The word Nutrichoice Solutions means Solutions based on informed choices on nutrition matters. Our philosophy is to provide evidence based nutrition advice with the warmth and compassion that the experience brings. We want to assist our clients to understand the link between food and the body, mind and soul. In short, we want to put the choices back to your eating.

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Module8: Record keeping


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Module 7: Operational management

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